MY Tech Mooks 4th out of 50 teams in Australian Young ICT Explorers Challenge


AISM provides opportunities for our students to extend themselves on the national and international stage, to challenge their capabilities and help them reach their full potential. One example this year has been a series of technology challenges for a group of Year 6 students.

Over the past few months, three of our Year 6 students have continued to develop their app, ReShare. You may recall that the team, ‘MY Tech Mooks’, entered an international competition for girls called Technovation in which teams developed an app to solve a problem in their community. They also developed a promotional video, business plan and ‘pitched’ their idea to the judges. The team were semi-finalists for the Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand region.

The team recently returned from the NSW Finals of the Young ICT Explorers Challenge at the University of NSW, where they were able to do it all over again! More than 50 teams competed in the Years 5 to 6 Division, and the ‘MY Tech Mooks’ came fourth in the competition.

The team set up an impressive display booth, then explained their app to many students, parents and judges at the competition. Visitors were able to use a beta version of the app to donate and receive goods. This was a wonderful opportunity for the team to present their app to new audiences, receive valuable feedback, meet like-minded students, and see what students are creating in Australia.

Team member Mia Tan said”“The ICT competition was very enjoyable. It really helped develop our skills in speaking and the feedback was amazing, so now we can try to develop our app some more. Going to Australia for the competition was a pleasure and I'm sure that we would all love to do it again”.

Teacher Susan Skinner agreed that participating in Sydney was invaluable. “The team has worked very hard, and has developed so many new skills through this experience. The project has been their own idea from the start, so they have been able to follow their interests and passion, to extend themselves in so many areas, and then get feedback from industry experts. They have had real world experiences that help shape who they become and what they are capable of achieving”.

The next stage for the team is to develop the code for the messaging tool, conduct usability testing and adjust the user interface. The team is then hoping to release the app by the end of the year.

In the meantime, the team would appreciate your support. You can help by following their Instagram page sharewithreshare and visiting the ReShare website

The students in the ReShare team are Megan Yap, Mia Tan and Emily Tan. Tania Thong was also an original member of the team but has subsequently moved to Singapore.

Congratulations ‘MY Tech Mooks’


What is ReShare?

Extract from entry …

We live in Malaysia and attend the Australian International School. Malaysia is a country of contrasts - people from many nationalities; some very wealthy, others very poor.

We identified a problem in our community and developed a mobile app to solve this problem. The app is called ReShare, and the problem it helps to solve is waste and poverty in Malaysia.

ReShare allows people or organisations who have things to donate to list what they have available, and for underprivileged organisations and charities to look through the list and select the things they want to receive. Once they have made their selections, the donor and receiver can communicate through the app and arrange collection.

ReShare delivers donations to where they are needed efficiently, and gives underprivileged organisations control about what they receive. Donors can be sure their donations are going to a good cause.