Newsletter Oct 30th


Swimming write-up

I am very please to write that KL was very kind to AISM on Tuesday the 27th October. The haze lifted enough for us to hold the 15th annual AISM swimming carnival. It wasn’t too hot, although I’m sure there are some wicked bather tan lines around.

I would firstly like to thank the many parents who gave up their valuable time to assist with timekeeping duties and icy pole making duties.

I am also very grateful to the many staff who held key positions on the day. Carnivals are only as good as the people involved. I am eternally grateful to the DJ for his taste in music and for the many puns along the day. Some of them were funny. Any chance to play air guitar is also greatly appreciated.

A massive thank-you also goes to Asian Tigers Mobility Services for supplying the swim caps. I look forward to their ongoing relationship with our school.

Last but not least, thank-you to the amazing students who attend our school and who make it easy for staff to come to work every day.

A special note for the students who have produced new records for ASIM and whose names will be etched in AISM history until new champions are produced.

Washington Chao 50 Freestyle - 31.47
Washington Chao 100 Freestyle - 1.11.19
Taiitsu Masunaga 50 Breaststroke - 43.15
Taiitasu Masunaga 50 Backstroke- 35.95
Taiitasu Masunaga 50 Butterfly - 35.96
Taiitasu Masunaga 100 Backstroke - 1.25.16
Taiitasu Masunaga 100 IM- 1.19.81
Taasia Thong 50 Breaststroke- 45.22
Taasia Thong 50 Backstroke - 40.91
Taasia Thong 100 Breaststroke - 1.35.43
Taasia Thong 100 Backstroke - 1.27.50
Taasia Thong 100 IM - 1.27.79


ISAC Sport

This is the worst year for ISAC sport due to the haze. There have many games that have had to be cancelled due to the unhealthy nature of participating in outdoor activities. Although the haze is a travesty globally, on a more selfish note, our students have not been able to participate in many tournaments to showcase their many talents. It has been extremely difficult to reschedule some of these games. As I type I am heartened by some blue skies and I can definitely see the light.

AISM Triathlon 1/11/15

Good luck to all participants in Sunday’s Triathlon. I am looking forward to showcasing AISM to the outside world and believe that a home ground advantage will work in our favour.

We are also looking for many volunteers on the day, so if you are able to spare some time on Sunday, please be at the school by 7.30am.