AISM 2024
Newsletter Issue 1 - Term 2


Aaron Wise, Principal

It has been delightful kicking off Term 2 this week, and we are excited about the busy yet focused term ahead. In today’s newsletter, I would like to share some updates on various aspects of the school that we have been enhancing:


Before the break, I had a meeting with the owner of the school cafeteria. We discussed the results of a recent MSS student survey about the cafeteria and explored ways to enhance the food service. I was impressed by the owner's receptiveness to our feedback, and he has committed his team to improving the cafeteria food.

Specifically, the following actions have been taken:

  • The former head chef is being replaced. Currently, the group’s executive chef is at the school ensuring high-quality and nutritious food is prepared each day. The owner has interviewed over 20 chefs for the role but has not found a suitable candidate yet. The group’s executive chef will stay until a suitable head chef is found.
  • The variety and quality of the food have been enhanced. We have reviewed the food offerings, focusing on providing a greater variety of options for students and improving the quality of existing dishes.
  • The Cafeteria Food Focus Group had its inaugural meeting this week. The group met with the owner and manager of the food service to provide direct feedback on their service. This group will continue to meet throughout the year to offer ongoing feedback.
  • The cafeteria now prepares and cooks almost all food on-site to ensure freshness. Only the pastries served at the school are not prepared on-site. This marks a significant improvement from the past when much of the food was prepared off-site.

We are already receiving positive feedback from students and staff about the improvements to the food service and will continue collaborating with the service provider to ensure our students can enjoy delicious meals at the school.


We are thrilled to welcome three new teaching staff members to the school this term. Michelle Gan has joined as a Year 4 teacher. With enrollments in Year 4 increasing, the class has been divided into two, with Ms. Gan taking one of the classes.

Emma Tan joins as our new Intensive English Support Class (IESC) teacher in the MSS. She will assist Mrs. Unsworth in ensuring all our students have high-level English language skills.

We also welcome Jade Leong as an additional relief teacher in the MSS.

Additionally, we have employed a new Teacher Librarian who will start in Term 3. We are also finalising the employment of a new Business and Legal Studies teacher for MSS and look forward to announcing the new teacher soon.

Maintenance and Improvements

AISM is committed to not only having high standards of teaching and learning but we also believe that the school environment should support all that is happening in the school. With this in mind, the school’s facilities team has focused on improving the school in a variety of ways:

The AISM Field: The field was refurbished during the break to ensure a more even and level playing surface. The goalposts were also painted for improved functionality and aesthetics.

Garden Beds: Some of the school's garden beds were looking untidy. During the break, significant work was done to improve these gardens and make them more manageable.

Design and Technology Lab: A comprehensive review of this space was conducted in Term 1 to ensure it meets local and international standards. The space has been redesigned and improved for increased functionality and aesthetics.

The leadership team collaborated with the facilities team to identify and prioritize future improvement projects.

New Students

This week, we welcomed 32 new students to the school. As an international school, we are fortunate to have students from around the world, and our new students come from various countries. This term we are pleased to accept students from Malaysia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

While it is fantastic to see new faces, we are committed to ensuring that growth contributes positively to the school without compromising what makes AISM exceptional. The school’s leadership closely monitors student population growth to maintain a good balance.


The term break is often a time for catching up with family and friends, completing some of those jobs that there was no time for, or pursuing our interests. At AISM, we encourage all our students to strive for their personal best in all their accomplishments. Check out Rayanne Lim’s achievements representing Malaysia at the recent ISIAsia Skate Beijing 2024 Competition.

Rayanne participated in two events with the following results:

  • Artistic Freestyle 4 (First Place)
  • The Open Silver (Third Place)

Click here to see her outstanding performance.

On my “To Do” list was the clean-up of the pathway for easy access and safety on the walk to school. I met with the local councilor for Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya, Mr Thanilarusu Sadayah, who has been incredible! A big thank you to him and his team for their time and prompt follow-up and assistance. You will notice the clearing of the overhanging trees, the complete clearing of all drains, and the regular clearing of all the debris. This is to ensure we can safely walk on the pathways and be safe. No need to walk on the road where an accident could easily occur. I encourage all our parents to think wisely about how they approach the school whether by car, bike, or on foot. Let’s ensure our students are always safe!

The field has been completely overhauled and what an amazing difference. I would encourage our parents to come and have a run on the “New Field”.

A few reminders as we start Term 2 on a high - Any last-minute walkathon money can be brought into JS Reception, Swimming starts next week for all classes in the Junior School and the new ICT user agreement should be returned with students by the end of next week!

What an exciting term we have planned. Stay tuned for the rollercoaster of learning, fun, and experiences. It is going to be yet another wonderful term here at AISM.

A Look Back at Term 1 with Year 3

Jeremy Cox & Iman Engelbert, Year 3 Teachers

As we begin Term 2, it’s a great time to reflect on the achievements and experiences of Term 1. Year 3 had a wonderful first term of thinking, learning, and creativity. We’re excited to share some of these moments with you.

Zentangle Art Exploration

Year 3 students were introduced to the world of Zentangle art. Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It not only developed our students' artistic skills but also offered a way to practice mindfulness. The students thoroughly enjoyed learning about and creating their Zentangle art pieces.

Inquiry into Cultural Places and Celebrations

Our inquiry theme for the term was cultural places and celebrations. Students researched, explored and presented on different cultures and their celebrations. It encouraged students to appreciate the diversity of traditions and celebrations around the world.

Year 3 Assembly Performance

In Week 8, Year 3 took to the stage to host an amazing Assembly. The assembly included a group performance of "Believer" by Imagine Dragons, where students sang, danced and played instruments. Standout solo performances were given by Olivia on the violin, Jesse on the piano, Lily on the ukulele and Declan on the drums, who also showcased his moonwalk skills. It was also an opportunity to share our experiences from the previous week's camp in Port Dickson. It was a memorable event and a proud moment for Year 3. Here’s to a fantastic Term 2!


AISM’s Got Talent

Mr Matt Fisher, Head of Arts

AISM certainly does have Talent!! After nearly 40 students auditioned to be a part of the final showcase, it was filtered down to 12 acts by the Arts Prefects and Mr Fisher, and what an amazing spectacle it was. All MSS year groups were represented, from blindfolded pianists to rock bands, from vocal soloists to virtuosic piano solos, and even the comedic stylings of ‘I’m Just Ken’, the variety of talents was fantastic to see. Expertly programmed and compared by Arts Prefect Melynna, every performance was of top quality and the audience truly appreciated the efforts and skills on show.

After the showcase, the voting started, with each student and staff member allowed to vote for their favourite top 3 performers. The suspense was dragged out until the last day of term when the top 3 were announced and prizes awarded, thanks to our special sponsors for the event ‘Blastacars’ at Sungei Wang.

With nearly 140 students and staff casting votes, the voting ended up extremely close. In some cases there were as little as 2 votes separating the positions. In the end, the winners were:

1st Place: Monster Baby (Dance Troupe)
2nd Place: ‘The Ken’s’ (Comedic Variety Act)
3rd Place: You Li Ng (Piano Soloist)

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the finalists and winners. We look forward to whatever new talents might emerge over the coming year for AISM’s Got Talent 2025.

Student Arts Contribution Outside AISM

Mr Matt Fisher, Head of Arts

Performance at Highland Gathering

While many students used their holidays as a chance to wind down and relax with Netflix, Youtube or a book, one student packed his bags and his bagpipes, and headed to Maclean - the Scottish town of Australia, to perform in the Maclean Highland gathering. He was honoured to be able to join up with the Armidale Pipe Band for the street parade and then joined the massed pipes and Drums at the conclusion of the day. With around 30 pipe bands in attendance, as well as individual instrumental competitions and all things Scottish, a truly enjoyable Easter weekend was had.

Can you spot him??

Yin Kai Achieves in The Holidays

Dale Wells, Head of Department PDHPE

Yin Kai Tan spent several days in the holidays working on his Residential Project for the Duke of Edinburgh International award Gold Level. As part of this training, he completed his Wilderness First Aid Certificate endorsed by the Malaysian College of Emergency Physicians (MyCEP). This involved 16 hours of work and an exam.

Big Science Competition 2024

Simon Matheson, Head of Science and Technology

The Big Science Competition is one of the biggest international science competitions. It is an easy way to challenge students from Years 7 to 10 and track their performance against state or national averages. Competition questions are aligned with the Australian Curriculum – Science.

Please complete this form BIG SCIENCE COMPETITION 2024 or notify your Science teacher ASAP for registration.

These exciting prizes can enhance the knowledge and skills that your students acquire in your classroom!

1st Drawn – One Functional Torso Model – Valued at AUD$565
2nd Drawn – One Australian Rock Kit by TESEP plus Plate Tectonics Poster – Valued at AUD$420
3rd Drawn – Set of 15 DIY Seismometer Kit: includes micro:bit starter pack, instructions and plate tectonics poster – Valued at AUD$405
4th Drawn – One 3D Printer plus filament supplies – Valued at AUD$360
5th Drawn – Set of 30 Smartphone 30X Zoom Microscopes – Valued at AUD$360


Term Break Non-Academic Staff CPR Training

Mrs Mac and Nurse Alice, School Nurses

During the term break, AISM provided an opportunity for local staff to be trained in CPR. These skills impart knowledge, confidence, and skills for the AISM Community to stay calm in a medical emergency and help a person in need.

Girls Take Over: Empowering Girls Through Sports

Ms Murphy and Ms Zoe, MSS PDHPE Teachers

Welcome to our exciting new initiative, Girls Take Over! Every Friday, we're flipping the script and putting the spotlight on girls, encouraging them to get active and experience the joy of playing sports.

In many societies, girls are often sidelined when it comes to sports. Stereotypes and societal norms can discourage girls from participating fully in physical activities. Girls Take Over aims to challenge these norms by creating a space where girls feel not just welcomed, but encouraged to take the lead in sporting activities. We are empowering them to believe in themselves and their abilities both on and off the court.

While the focus is on girls, Girls Take Over is an inclusive initiative. Boys are encouraged to participate and support their female peers. By working together and celebrating each other's achievements, we're creating a culture of respect and equality where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

We invite all girls to join us every Friday lunchtime in the gym. Let's come together and have fun!

ICAS 2024

Debora Putri, Head of Diverse Educational Needs

ICAS will return to AISM this year. 2024 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is available for students Years 2 to 10. ICAS is possibly the most comprehensive educational assessment program available. It provides deep insight into the true capabilities of students.

This year, we encourage you to consider entering your child into ICAS. This fantastic assessment program allows students to challenge themselves and be recognised for their academic efforts. The assessment is now fully online and sitting dates will commence in Term 3. If you are interested in registering your child, please find the information for ICAS dates and fees using the link provided below.


You can also learn more by visiting

Registration will be closed on the 7th of June 2024.

CCA and Sports

Ivan Yoong, Whole School CCA & Sports Coordinator

Save the date

Term 2 CCA Update

CCAs commence - Monday, 22 April
CCAs conclude - Thursday, 20 June

Note: Creche & Sibling Games CCA is unavailable on Mondays.

Kuala Lumpur Football Scholarship Trial

Click here for more information.

New Parents Morning Tea (Term 2)

ANZAC Day Assembly Invitation

We cordially invite all parents to join us for our ANZAC Day assembly, commemorating the bravery and sacrifice of our servicemen and women. The assembly will take place on Thursday, 25 April, starting at 9.00 am in the Auditorium. It will be a moment to reflect, honor, and remember those who have served our nation. Your presence will be greatly appreciated as we come together to pay tribute to this significant day in our history.

We look forward to seeing you there!