One campus - one welcoming community

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See our campus

To see our secure green campus and modern facilities on the South Lake of Mines Resort City, you can visit us or view our virtual tour.

All students, from ages 3 to 18, attend our purpose built 7.5 acre campus, less than twenty kilometres from central Kuala Lumpur. Combined with modern facilities and a green, open campus the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) offers your child an ideal environment for learning.

650 students of 37 nationalities
With more than 650 students of 37 nationalities, our one campus makes for a strong school community and sense of belonging. Our students enjoy coming to school - research suggests that this sense of belonging enhances wellbeing and learning.

Whole school activities, such as our popular Team Building Day and International Day, inspire our students of all ages to work and celebrate together, building this sense of connection.

Modern and flexible learning spaces for 21st century learning
The Australian Curriculum is known for its distinctive teaching and learning approach, which emphasises teaching of learning skills tailored to the each student, high order thinking, problem solving and values - all necessary for success.

We are a connected campus, with Wi-Fi throughout, and integrated digital learning with iPads, computers and laptops.

Our Early Learning Centre facilities are designed to encourage exploration directed by your child’s own interest, while our Junior School facilities encourage different learning styles, creativity and collaboration.

In 2015, we opened our Careers and Senior Study centre, a space for our senior students to study collaboratively or work independently, with a MacBook lab or ‘Bring your own device’ options. Working with our Careers and Pathways Advisor this is also a place to explore career or university options.

A secure campus
AISM is double gated and guarded, with stringent security procedures. We are safely located within the  gated Bluwater Estate, which has 24 hour security, and AISM is fully fenced and guarded 24 hours a day. Our security precautions include:

  • Monitored pick up of our students, only by registered vehicles

  • All parents and employees are issued with identification passes

  • Any school visitors without passes are required to provide identification.

Outstanding facilities for your child Digital learning
The integration of 21st century learning spaces and technology to complement teaching and learning methods has become inevitable. Gone are the days where we could rely on students having access to computer labs once every week. Information is accessible anytime and anywhere, allowing us reinvent and change the way students learn and the way teachers teach. The use of iPads, smart boards, MacBooks and mobile technology is an integral part of education at AISM.

Performing arts spaces
There is an entire floor in the Junior School that dedicated to Performing Arts with purpose-built rooms for dance, drama, music, orchestra and even black box theatre.

Our library
All year round, the library’s mini-amphitheatre and discussion rooms are abuzz with activities and workshops from the British or Australian and New Zealanders authors, performers and storytellers for students. The library is well equipped with books and information technology resources, and includes an area equipped with LCD Screens for students to work together  on multimedia or music.

On January 2015, the school opened an exciting new Careers and Senior Study Centre for senior students to study independently between classes, to work collaboratively in small groups and a place to explore pathways to careers and tertiary courses. The AISM Career Guidance Counsellor works closely with the senior students to customise their subject selection that will maximise their likelihood of reaching their career goals.

New workshops, a study centre, with facilities being continually upgraded
Information and communication technology (ICT) literacy and research skills are a significant focus in the Study Centre through the provision of a Mac lab which allows students ready access to the internet including a plethora of online and school-based resources. Students who prefer to bring their own device are provided with a number of charging stations. Access to this technology allows AISM students to extend their knowledge and explore new horizons within this new and flexible learning space.

Starting 2015, the school also runs two new facilities - a large Design & Technology workshop, housing a computer design suite and other modern technologies and a Cabarita Café that offers a selection of healthy drinks, food and gluten-free cakes determined by the community themselves from a survey.

Sporting facilities and more, we have the facilities needed for your child to succeed
Other facilities in the school that student’s benefit from are art rooms, science labs, gymnasium, swimming pool, crèche, oval|field and an upcoming food and technology room for the budding, Master Chef Australia aspirants.