Learning Opportunities in ELC

Our children are encouraged to take risks, ask questions, make mistakes and share ideas. This is achieved through a balance of play based activities, led by both child and teacher.

Outdoor learning opportunities, discovery areas, craft corners, reading nooks and flexible learning spaces create a stimulating yet warm and child centred environment. Children are motivated to take charge of their own learning by following their interests and in turn develop the skills necessary for future success.

Your child takes part in a variety of learning opportunities, such as:

  • ‘Learning Connections’ which encourages whole brain development
  • Gross motor and physical education experiences (Perceptual Motor Program)
  • Music and movement experiences
  • Yoga and relaxation classes
  • Fine motor activities - art and craft experiences
  • Broader literature appreciation through library visits and literacy focus sessions
  • Technology – through the Interactive Whiteboard, computer and iPad activities
  • Swimming and water awareness program for Prep students
  • Opportunities for social and emotional growth, including problem solving, forming relationships and sharing.

We encourage each child to develop to their own potential by giving them opportunities to question, inquire, play and explore while making real life connections with their community and the environment.

English in ELC

Early Years Learning Outcomes relating to Literacy and English

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Mathematics in ELC

Early Years Learning Outcomes relating to Numeracy and Mathematics

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