What is the Visible Learning Approach?

Visible Learning - Ensuring your child's academic success

Visible Learning is an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning developed following the largest research into teaching ever undertaken. Professor John Hattie from University of Melbourne undertook the study that enables teachers to focus their efforts on teaching strategies that have the greatest effect on student academic achievement. For more information about Visible Learning, click here.

The First Certified Visible Learning School in World
AISM embarked on this learning journey in 2015 and is today the first certified ‘Visible Learning School’ in the World.
Here's a special congratulatory message from Professor John Hattie of The University of Melbourne, in conjunction with our Visible Learning Certification Launch.

We are now the world's first certified Visible Learning School!

Visible Learning at AISM
Our students are taught using the Visible Learning approach that is proven by extensive research to be effective. AISM students and teachers share a common language of learning in which learning intentions and success criteria are clear, feedback is valued and students and teachers constantly self-assess for improvement. As a result, our students are adaptable and effective communicators, collaborators and creative thinkers.

Visible Learning has taught our students “how to learn”. Furthermore, our teachers use research and collaborate with each other to improve on their teaching, which as a direct result, benefits our students.

about how they learn and how they can improve
for feedback about their learning
questions about learning and participate in learning discussions
to ideas about learning from their peers

See Visible Learning in Action

Our classrooms are vibrant environments where teachers are facilitators of learning. Students are engaged and take responsibility for their own learning and outcomes, they learn from mistakes and constantly look for areas upon which to improve. View our Visible Learning videos below!