Performing and visual arts

Our performing and visual arts programs build creativity and encourage exploration
At the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM), your child can take part in music, drama, dance and visual arts through our curriculum and in co curricular activities. The performing arts play a major part in learning in our school, as they encourage exploration and creativity – both important skills for success in the 21st century.

Engagement in quality arts education has also been shown to positively affect overall academic achievement, engagement in learning, and development of empathy towards others (Australian Council for Educational Research 2004; Board of Studies NSW 2006; Cornett 2007; Russell-Bowie 2006).

In the curriculum - music, drama and dance
Our academic program from Foundation to Year 8 includes music, drama and dance, giving our students a rich learning environment and opportunities to excel.

Australian International School Malaysia’s student play in an orchestra

Senior students may elect these subjects as part of the Higher School Certificate so they can continue studying in these areas at a tertiary level.

Experienced specialist teachers work to encourage your child’s passion and potential in the performing arts. We provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for every child to perform and celebrate their skills, whether in class groups, music groups or solo performances. 

Music lessons - developing budding musicians

Foundation to Year 5

Our music lessons include music appreciation, theory and opportunities for your child to perform and celebrate their skills in regular showcases – in Junior School and whole school music concerts and assemblies.

Australian International School Malaysia students perform singing on stage

In our Early Learning Centre, and up to Year 2, our music lessons include singing, movement and the use of percussion instruments. Our young learners have lots of fun learning the key principles of music.

In the later primary years, our students are given the skills to explore a range of musical interests. In Years 3 and 4, your child will join our string program, where they learn how to play a string instrument – either violin or cello. In Year 5, they can play in a band or orchestra, depending on their interest.

Year 6 to 12

In the Middle and Senior schools, students study music as a curriculum subject. They take study units such as film, music, world music, Australian music and rock music. Students will compose, perform and listen to music from a wide variety of styles.


Our drama classes bring out your child’s thespian potential.

Years 7 and 8

Our Drama classes, conducted by specialist teachers, are a core part of our curriculum in Years 7 and 8. Whether your child is a budding thespian or not, he or she will develop skills which will help them succeed in other areas of their life.

Our students work on developing performance, play building and creative thinking skills. Your child is exposed to a variety of historical and contemporary theatrical styles and traditions, which gives them valuable opportunities to experience and build skills in self expression and imagination.

Years 9 to 12

Australian International School Malaysia students in a senior play

Senior students may elect drama as part of the Higher School Certificate allowing them to continue studying in these areas at a tertiary level.

Some well known plays that have been staged at AISM, which include Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ and The Brothers Grimm ‘Spectaculathon’.

Visual arts

Photography and Digital Media Classes for Years 11 to 12
Your child is introduced to Photography and Digital Media as an elective subject, and it is available for Year 11 and Year 12.

Creative Arts Week – celebrating achievement in the Arts

A display of artwork from students of the Australian International School Malaysia

Our Middle and Senior School students organise and participate in a Creative Arts Week each year to celebrate the arts, including visual arts, music, drama and photography. 

We showcase our students’ work around the school’s corridors, demonstrating each student’s talent and contribution to the event. During this week, there will also be drama and music productions for students, parents and teachers to enjoy.

Junior School Art Competition
Our Junior School holds its own art competition every year where the winning art pieces are displayed in the school grounds for parents and visitors to see.

AISM Instrumental Music Academy
Our Instrumental Music Academy provides your child with individual tuition by professional tutors during our school hours. Your child can choose from:

Australian International School Malaysia students are taught music instruments by professional tutors.

  • Woodwind – clarinet, flute, oboe
  • String – violin, cello, double bass
  • Percussion - drums
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Indian Classical Music
  • For more details about the music instructors and what is offered, please download the AISM Instrumental Music Academy Enrolment Form.

Discovering your child’s talents
We give our students numerous event to perform in, such as school instrumental ensembles, music afternoons, cultural assemblies, fortnightly Junior, Senior and Middle School assemblies, our Creative Arts Week and the annual Showcase Music Evening, in both solo, group and class performances. Every child has the chance to perform, whatever their level.

Australian International School Malaysia’s Year 12 Band performs at the MANZA Annual Gala Dinner 2015

Our students also regularly represent the school at high profile public events such as gala dinners and events for the Australian High Commission, Malaysian and Australian Business Council (MABC), Malaysian Australian New Zealand Association (MANZA), Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC) and during ANZAC Day Dawn Service.