Badminton Tournament


Jack Teoh - Year 10

It is 7:00 am in the morning we had a ton of hope to win a playoff spot in the upcoming International School Athletic Conference (ISAC) badminton tournament held at Setia Badminton academy in Selangor. We headed into the battlefield as a unit of amateur badminton players unheard of in the badminton society, we were the underdogs, nobody knew who we were, when the opposing team saw us on their schedule they thought it was going to be an easy step for them but deep down, us the gladiators of AISM will never let it be easy for them. When we finished warming up, our lovely coach Mr.Goh, briefed us about the 15 points, best of 3 system that this tournament runs on and gave us our spots in the team with me Jack Teoh playing in the singles first seat and doubles second seat.

First up Tenby, one of the hardest most experienced school in the tournament, one of our player Nicholas has previous experience against Nick Wong that goes way back although Nicholas had most of the wins in their encounter he knew that Nick has surpassed him in every way with long hours of training and hard work. I was up first with my doubles partner Nicholas, we won the two sets with hardship and got the 1 point offered to us, across our court is the doubles first seat who lost two sets straight. Then Nicholas and I had to play again for the singles match against Nick Wong and a student at Tenby, at the end, AISM lost to Tenby 4-1 it was a tight match between Nicholas and Nick 13-15, 12-15 but at the end, Nick was the better man. Then we were complained by Tenby for having two players (Nicholas and me) playing in both the singles and doubles so Coach Goh decided to forfeit the doubles first seat. Nicholas played the singles third seat and I had to play with Cedric and Daniel for the next two doubles match.

Next up was Gardens International School they were pretty tough. Daniel and I had to grind this one out to get the win, although Li Hann won his singles match too it was not enough for us to get through, since we lost to Gardens 3-2. Then it was time for our last match winner takes a playoff spot. ISKL too was winless in their last two matches so we had to win this one no matter what winner takes all. The end result was disheartening Nicholas and Li Hann won their singles match, we went into the match having a mindset that we could have an easy win over them as our female counterparts did so against the ISKL girls team.

Overall the end result was not what we hoped for but we know that we had given our best efforts, heart, and soul into this U18 badminton tournament all of our badminton players were under the age of 15 so I hope in three years time when we are exactly U18 we will take that ISAC badminton championship home to where it belongs… AISM. I am Jack Teoh, and I send this message to any student of AISM that has a basic skill level of badminton to join us, no matter how bad you are we humbly accept you as a member of our team remember strength in numbers. We are here. We are waiting.