ISAC Softball


Jason Brand, Head of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

On Saturday 27 May, the AISM boys softball team headed up to Mont Kiara to compete in the round-robin ISAC softball competition.  The boys had been training regularly for weeks and were eager to test their skills and game knowledge out against the other international schools in the competition.

The first game was against BSKL.  The boys batted and fielded strongly to beat BSKL convincingly in the four innings format.

Their second game was against MKIS at their home ground.  The AISM boys pitched and fielded well in the first and third innings but let some big hits through in the second and and fourth innings.  A late charge of home runs by AISM wasn’t enough and MKIS were the eventual winners.

The third and final game was against GIS at their home ground.  GIS had won both of their first two games and were the team to beat on the day.  Whilst the AISM boys failed to score a run in the first two innings, they fielded well and were able to limit GIS to two home runs.  However, in the third innings, some fielding mistakes and good batting from GIS enabled them to get a long way in front and the boys were unable to match them in the closing innings.

After the game we returned to MKIS and the team were awarded their Bronze medals for the competition. Whilst they are relatively new to the sport of softball, the boys demonstrated some excellent skills and some outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship.  Congratulations to Maksim, Haruya, Wataru, Masahiro, Dash, Julian, Matthew, Ian, Joo Hann, Marius and Jack for their great effort.

Junior School Years 3 to 5 Swimming Carnival 2017

Elliot Roberts, Co-Curricular Program Coordinator - Junior School

On Friday 16 June, 2017, Years 3 to 5 Swimming Carnival was held at AISM’s swimming pool. House Captains opened the carnival’s proceedings with a stretch, followed by four House war cries to pump up their teams and prepare them for battle. The first event quickly followed and the carnival was underway for 2017.

Students had the opportunity to swim in a range of individual events, including the 25m Freestyle, 25m Breaststroke, 50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke, 25m Backstroke, 25m Butterfly and 100m Individual Medley.

Team events such as the Kickboard and Mixed-Age Relay gave students opportunities to gain valuable points for their Houses.

The final event of the day was the Teacher vs Student Relay which saw eight of our fastest Junior School swimmers race against four of our own Junior School teachers. It was an extremely close race with the girls’ relay team narrowly edging out our teachers’ team and the boys’ relay team. A big thank you to Ms Fisher, Ms Freeman, Mr Emslie and Mr O’Brien for representing the Junior School staff admirably in this race.

At the conclusion of the carnival, it was Freeman House who took out 1st place, with Sauvage coming in 2nd, Thorpe in 3rd, closely followed by Rafter in 4th place. Congratulations to the following students who won Age Championship medals for their age categories.

Age Group Boys Age Group Girls
U8s 1st - Fynn Ritchie U8s 1st - Kendra Clacher
2nd - Thomas Neighbour 2nd - Claudia Dobson
3rd - Nino Houard, William Rummer, Edward Kimpton 3rd - Maddison Semmens
U9s 1st - Moosa Hamilton-Manns U9s 1st- Esha Kumar
2nd - Jack Ma 2nd - Olivia Taylor
3rd - Rion Connolly 3rd - Sophie Neighbour
U10s 1st - William Brand U10s 1st - Eliza Tan
2nd - Flynn McCarthy-Wallace   2nd - Zoe Clacher
3rd - Rafael Drummond Costa   3rd - Aida Choo
U11s 1st - Teng King Seah U11s 1st - Jasmin Van Damme
2nd - Kayu Takase 2nd - Siche Li
3rd - Charlie Kimpton 3rd - Yue Xin Tan

A special thank you to the Parents’ Association for their always popular Cool-off Stand, the Library Ladies for organising the Enterprise Book Stall, the Facilities Team for their hard work in setting up and taking down equipment, our wonderful teaching staff of the Junior School who helped coordinate and make sure the day ran smoothly and our students; who were enthusiastic, excited, gracious in defeat and willing to step outside their comfort zone and have a go. Thank you to all the parents and supporters who came out and cheered on our students and made my last carnival at AISM so memorable.


Under 9 Girls Netball Tournament

On Sunday  4 June 2017, our under 9 Netball Girls competed in a netball tournament at the Alice Smith International School. AISM had two teams competing. Team Green won 3rd place and Team Gold came 5th. Congratulations to all girls as well as Miss O'Shea, Mrs Griffin and Mrs Kavanagh for their coaching efforts. 




KLASS Torpedo Attack

Ivan Yoong, Development Coordinator and Head Coach - Swimming and Triathlon

On 3 and 4 June, a group of swimmers from AISM Barracudas went to a swim meet at Alice Smith School. Our swimmers were racing against 300 competitors from seven highly competitive international schools across all age groups. We had some great achievements over the weekend. The following is a list of the medal winners:

  1. Edward Gao - 4 Silver and 1 Bronze
  2. Goh Yin Jenn - 1 Bronze
  3. Poppy Buse -  1 Bronze
  4. Uruha Maeda, Esha Kumar, Eliza Tan, Aida Choo - 2 Bronze (200m Freestyle & Medley Relay)
  5. Taiitsu, Edward Gao, Masahiro, Max Chevelev - 1 Silver (200m Medley Relay)
  6. Ryusei, Edward Gao, Masahiro, Max Chevelev - 1 Bronze (200m Freestyle Relay)

Edward Gao brought home a trophy for being 3rd overall in the Under 14 Boys Age Champion category. AISM also received the team trophy (3rd Overall) for these two categories; Under 14 Boys and 10 & Under Girls.  

It was a fantastic effort from our small, but highly dedicated and talented swimming team.  Well done Barracudas!



Aquathlon: Podium Finishers for AISM Students

On Sunday 12 May, a group of AISM students participated in Aquathlon at The Alice Smith School. Congratulation to Hiew Lik Yang, Hugo Tan, Eliza Tan and Flynn McCarthy-Wallace who all finished on the podium for their category. Well done to all students who took part.

Click here for the full list of students and ranking.