It's Science Week, so get your lab coats on!

Simon Matheson, Head of Science and Technology - MSS
Kris Hickson, Year 2 Home Room Teacher and Junior School Science coordinator
Nothing says National Science Week in our school like laboratory coats and fun! And once again, in 2017, it was an incredible success.  The aim this year was to raise awareness of sustainability science, encouraging positive actions that make a direct contribution to the Earth becoming more sustainable.  Throughout the week each class gave out plenty of science awards and celebrated learners who were asking questions, making observations, taking risks and thinking with an analytical mind.
All students were lucky enough to be invited to take part in daily science experimental investigations by our Middle Senior School students. They created a wonderful array of tasks that captivated the imagination of our students. Many activities allowed the children to take something home with them, ensuring rich discussions were had about how we can future proof our earth. The top picks were definitely the seedlings that many younger students took home and the painted rocks. This has prompted many hours of rock painting then setting them out in gardens across Kuala Lumpur as a result! Another highlight was the recycled seed paper, demonstrating how we can save our used paper, reduce our waste and reforest our communities. Alongside this recycling, we saw how you can upcycle old coins, citrus fruit and wired bolts to create power and simple machines.  A great lesson for school and home.
Throughout National Science Week, Raymond Pollock demonstrated how to create electromagnets and electromotors from simple everyday things and awards many students for their Science trivia knowledge across the morning notices.  Susan Skinner explored 'edible water bubbles', which are made from seaweed extract and might one day replace plastic bottles, while Dara Higham showcased a variety of visuals and video recordings, constructing awareness of the environment, both naturally and adapted by technology to improve our footprint on the Earth.  Alison Brand made the Chemistry of Carbon capture look like magic, by exploring the technologies of industrial emission reduction in an easy and accessible way.  Sam Morley created vivid pictures in our minds of the changes to the environment and how this could possible affect our biomes.  And Julian Manders-Jones opened a window into the world of robotics and coding to make positive changes to technologies of the future, that focus on sustainability and renewal.   Also, across the week Vino Nokaraju was exceptional, capturing all the fun and excitement with action video and breath taking still photos. 
Overall our students had some valuable sessions linked to Future Earth and hopefully discovered the ways they can use science to help change the way we think and act. A huge thanks to the staff that helped generate the excitement in the Junior School and the MSS that warmly welcomed students to their lunch time activities to deepen our understanding, it was fantastic!  Special mention must go to the laboratory Technicians: Hidayah Mohd Arif, Hafizah Najwa Abbas and Thana Segar Karupiah, who prepared and inspired so many students towards science, future change and mindfulness of their environment.

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