ISAC Cross Country


On Sunday 8 October, Nexus International School hosted the annual ISAC Cross Country carnival. We had   51 AISM competitors there proudly representing the school. The following results are our students who placed in the top 20 out of all the competitors in their age group. AISM finished 6th overall. As an indication of how well our students went, there was approximately 700 overall competitors from the 11 ISAC schools.

U/9 BOYS Hugo Tan 1st Place
U/9 GIRLS  Sophie Lau 8th Place
U/11 BOYS  Rafael Drummond Costa 17th Place

Eliza Tan

Niamh Kavanagh

Zoe Clacher

1st Place

6th Place

14th Place


Brayden Gorbach

Alex Baldwin

6th Place

14th Place


Mia Tan

Sara Yap

Momoko Fujisaki

Yin Jenn Goh

3rd Place

10th Place

13th Place

17th Place

O/15 BOYS Marius Naftel 16th Place

Sophia Koumouris

Kim Kam

Eliza Law

13th Place

14th Place

19th Place



Ivan Yoong, Development Coordinator and Head Coach - Swimming and Triathlon

On Saturday 7 October, an Aquathlon was held at AISM. It was an event organized by Livemore Triathlon and supported by AISM community. A great number of AISM students raced in the event, and it was very encouraging to see all of them not only finish their races, but also thrive. 

The following students finished on the podium:

1st place - Hugo Fowler, Hugo Tan, Eliza Tan
2nd place - Olivia Taylor, Mia Tan
3rd place - Lik Yang Hiew, Annis Hiew, Anna Huggel, Max Chevelev

Special thanks to Kim Bradley, Jason Brand, Dale Spinks, Shashi Asnani, Azmir Azman, Kylie Gorbach and all of the Years 11 and 12 students who volunteered in this event.