Water Safety


In the Early Learning Centre, the Nursery and Preparation students have been taking part in our Water Awareness and Swimming lessons. Swimming coach Ivan Yoong designed a program to help our younger students develop confidence in the water and to teach the children safety in and around the pool.

The students have also been learning basic swimming techniques. They have learned about safe ways to enter and exit the pool, how to float on their backs and to hold their breath to go underwater. They have also developed their kicking skills to enable them to get to the edge of the pool. These are all vital life saving skills for young children.

These lessons were not only lots of fun, but the children also learned important safety skills. Our aim was to ensure that all children develop a love of swimming and learn to stay safe in and around water.  We think we have some strong swimmers coming up into the Junior School in the future too!

Scientific Inquiry

The Mulga Preparation class has been learning all about nature and have conducted investigations about the parts of plants and what plants need to survive. They learned about how the stem transports water to the plant. They experimented to find out more by placing the stems of white flowers into water coloured with various dyes. Over the next few hours they observed the flowers changing colour as the coloured dye travelled up the stem and into the petals. Each flower changed colour to match the colour of the water they were placed in.

Each student has also planted seeds and observed the plant growing over time. They made a self watering plant pot from a recycled drink bottle and added some soil and seeds. Next, they watered their seeds and put them into a sunny spot to grow in the garden. After a few days they were very excited to notice some green shoots emerging from their pots. They also learned that growing seeds takes a lot of time and patience. Some of the children have been collecting the seeds from their fruit and comparing them to other seeds from various plants. It has been wonderful to see them develop a true appreciation of the wonders of nature and to begin to develop their curiosity about plants and how they grow.

Preparation students in the PFM class have been learning about living things. This term their Integrated Inquiry Unit was ‘Animals’, in particular pets, and what their needs are. They have observed their classroom pets, our fish and hamster, and have been learning about how to care for them. They also enjoyed a visit from a petting zoo. After completing a lot of research into types of pets, they created a class graph of their favourite pets. They planned and designed a home for their favourite pet and discussed what materials they might need to make it. The PFM class has learned a lot about what animals need to survive - food, water, clean air and shelter. We are very proud of how responsible they have been looking after our class pets.