4th Malaysia International Mathematics Olympiad (MIMO) Competition


Kylie Booker, Director of Curriculum and Innovation

On 26 and 27 November, twelve of our top mathematicians were chosen to participate in the MIMO competition from Year 3-6. This competition was truly international with teams from across the globe including Australia, Bulgaria, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to apply their skills in new and challenging contexts. We congratulate each and every one of them for their commitment and dedication over the two days of competition.

The students selected were

Year 3/4: Lee Ker Ru (Daryl Lee), Teh Zo Ee , Lim Yan Xi , Claudia Dobson

Year 5/6: Yeu Joe Cheun, Marion Tan, Amelia Zhiao Herng Lee, Yao Ming Lee, Eliza Tan, Siche Li, Madelaine Lee, Wing Sum Lee

The students achieved some outstanding results which included:

Name Division Team Award

Lee Ker Ru (Daryl Lee)

Teh Zo Ee

Lim Yan Xi

Claudia Dobson

Middle Primary

Name Division Individual Medal
Lee Ker Ru (Daryl Lee) Middle Primary Gold
Yeu Joe Cheun Upper Primary Gold
Teh Zo Ee Middle Primary Silver
Lim Yan Xi Middle Primary Silver
Claudia Dobson Middle Primary Silver
Amelia Zhiao Herng Lee Upper Primary Silver
Marion Tan Upper Primary Bronze
Yao Ming Lee Upper Primary Bronze
Siche Li Upper Primary Bronze