Young Designers at AISM


Sam Morley, Design and Technology Teacher

Weeks 9 and 10 were Young Designer’s Weeks at AISM where the Design and Technology courses had a collection of student design works on display around the school. The main feature this year was a series of small displays of innovative and creative lamps designed and constructed by Year 9 and 10 DT students during their Photon Factor Lighting Unit. Tasked with designing a lighting solution to suit the aesthetics of a chosen hotel, the range includes hanging lamps, wall mounted lights and table top designs. These lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including the more traditional and some quite quirky or abstract pieces. Materials range from traditional wood, either hand cut or laser cut in some intricate shapes and etchings, in conjunction with acrylics and metals. We even have a trio of gorgeous bird cage lights. Inspired by traditional Peranakan style aesthetics from boutique hotels in Penang and Melacca, these lights hang from a hand-made frame and incorporate a combination of fairy lights and halogen technology bulbs. Other students have made use of the retro revival and industrial aesthetics which are currently popular by using large striking Edison bulbs as part of their pieces. You will find them in the Main Reception area, the MSS Reception area, opposite the uniform shop and in the library entrance way. In many cases the students included their moodboard and hotel images along with their design sketches to show their product’s development.

Inside the doorway to the Design and Technology workshop you can always find a smaller display of any recent prototypes and projects. We also have the Year 8 Cafe Design Unit models. These models represent the culmination of a 14-week study of architecture and interior design principles with each model portraying the student’s proposed cafe design. You may recognise the shape of their spaces as they each used the Design and Technology Workshop as a real world environment to measure and work with. Using a range of different themes and names which range from the currently popular DC Marvel Universes and the Fat Boiz Chill & Grill through to more the locally named BlueWater Cafe, these incorporate a variety of objects which students had to make in their chosen scale. Again we have some original ideas such as the hanging chairs or the jacuzzi’s built into their different themes. These displays will remain in the new year so please drop past and ask to see them. 


Cross School Collaborative Games

Sam Morley, Design and Technology Teacher

During Weeks 8 and 9 of Term 4, Year 8 students were challenged to design a board game using only recycled materials from the Design and Technology Workshop. This end of year design has challenged students to be creative whilst rescuing wood and acrylic scraps which are otherwise destined for landfill. This year we were lucky enough to find some small wooden table tops which we also recycled into our board game bases. With only a few lessons available, students were challenged to design simple interactive games suitable for young children aged, 6 to 12 years.  Fortunately the Year 2 students from the Junior School were able to test these prototypes during a visit to workshop which resulted in much fun and evaluation. Thanks for visiting us Year 2, we had a great time explaining our games and letting you test drive them all. 

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