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Open Week, 13 - 16 August 2019

Australian International School Malaysia

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Experience science experiments and robotic activities at AISM's STEM Showcase

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Admission fee waiver (worth RM20,000) for Preschool and Year 11 for 2019/2020 Intake.

*Terms and Conditions apply. For Early Years/Preschool, full admission fee is waived as long as the student has a sibling in other sections of the school.
For entry into Year 11, full admission fee is waived for application placed during this period.

STEM Showcase Activities

Science Experiments

Interactive School Tours

Robotics Activities

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dr Deborah Priest

Tim Waley
AISM Principal

Graeme Naftel

Michelle Chaplin
Head of Junior School

Ivan McLean

Ivan McLean
Head of Middle and Senior School

The First Certified
Visible Learning School in the World

Visible Learning has influenced teaching practices for many years in schools across Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and United States.
As a Visible Learning School, our students are taught 'how to learn' and share a common language for learning with their teachers. As a result, our students are adaptable and effective communicators, collaborators and creative thinkers.
Visit the world's first Visible Learning School. Register for a School Tour from Monday to Friday, 10am - 12pm.


Australian Curriculum
The most experienced provider of Australian primary and secondary education in Malaysia.

1st Certified Visible LearningTM
School in The World
Offering a world class teaching and learning approach that help students become independent learners.

One Campus,
Global Community
30 different nationalities from ages 3-18 years.

Balanced Approach in
Students learning is assessed through 50% practical coursework and 50% examination.

95% Australian /
International Teachers
AISM teachers are experienced in delivering the Australian curriculum.

Capable of customising learning according to individual needs to support gifts and talents.

Our Approach: Pre-school to Pre-university

Early Years/Pre-school

Early Years/Pre-school (3-5 years old)

Our Early Learning Centre uses the Reggio Emilia approach which exposes children to a variety of Learning experiences based on their interest and needs. Children are immersed in Science, Arts and Craft, Language, Imaginative Plays, Music and Movement, and Outdoor Activities.

In addition to a full day option, we now have half day,
2-day and 3-day enrolment options. Contact us for more details. *For a limited time only.

Junior School

Junior School (6-10 years old)

We balance our rigorous curriculum with stimulating, fun and investigative learning experiences. We provide specialist music, language and sport lessons, supported by extensive co-curricular offerings.

Middle School & Senior School

Middle School & Senior School (11-16 years old)

The Middle School is distinguished by strong pastoral care approach, which recognises the social and emotional challenges that students face. Middle and Senior students have access to specialist teachers for Subjects,Performing Arts, Language Other than English and Physical Education.



Students sit for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) recognised for entry into world class universities around the world and benefit from customised camps in Australia (residential camp in University of Melbourne).

Our Fees

Your Group Age (years old) Annual Tuition & Technology Fees
Early Learning Years - Pre-School (Nursery & Preparation) 3 - 5 RM 40,672
Junior School - Primary (Foundation - Year 5) 5 - 11 RM 50,184 - RM 63,832
Middle School - Lower Secondary (Years 6-8) 11 - 14 RM 67,684 - RM 72,084
Senior School - Higher Secondary (Years 9-10) 14 - 16 RM 77,632 - RM 80,884
Senior School - Pre-University (Years 11-12) 16 - 18 RM 81,924


Susie Skinner

“My experience as a researcher with CSIRO, educator and TV presenter has helped me make lessons interesting at AISM. I enjoy helping students make connections (the ‘aha’ moments) and seeing them engaged.”

Susie Skinner,

Seo Yiie Lyn

“We are continuously assessed through projects and assignments, so everything does count. This has made me develop good time-management, consistency, self-discipline, and teamwork skills.”

Seo Yiie Lyn,
Alumnae & HSC Top Achiever

Kaveen Parthiban

“AISM teachers are approachable and there is a strong bond between students and teachers. Even Maths classes are interesting, since my teacher shares real life scenarios to help me remember.”

Kaveen Parthiban,
Year 11 student

Christina Lau

“I can see significant changes in my children now. They are much more motivated to learn, both academically and in sports. They even wish there was no holidays because they miss school very much! ”

Christina Lau,

Discover What Makes The Australian Curriculum Different