Mrs Evelyn Ralph, Mrs Jessica Redstone, Ms Yen Wey Ang, Foundation Teachers

The first week of Term 3 saw Foundation students celebrate their first 100 days of school! It arrived with much anticipation and celebration as the children had been counting up to this wonderful day. It all began with physical activities out on the playground, where the children demonstrated their ability to count to numbers up to 100. This soon moved onto putting on their party hats, medals and thinking about 100 things they would like to buy and eat.

Fortunately for Foundation, they know people! With these connections they were able to ask Mr Zenga to set up his drone and make a small video of the children making their very own 100 out of their bodies. It all felt a little like Star Wars for them!

Click here for the 100 Days Video: 100 Days of School

Finally the day ended with a beautiful shared celebration with parent and families. Together they created a fun pair of glasses, decorated biscuits, played games and danced. It was with great joy that the children received their certificate to signify such an important day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their involvement in the day and to the families of AISM. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach and have an impact on your children. They truly are wonderful.