Australian author, J.C. Burke's


Denise Miller, Library Services Coordinator

Australian author, J.C. Burke’s presentations to Years 9,10 and 11 were very informative and practical.

She explained that her author name is J.C. Burke instead of Jane Burke because she writes in both a female and a male voice. Like J.K. Rowling she prefers not to be identified as purely writing from a female perspective.

The students gave the following feedback about some writing tips from Ms Burke’s sessions:

  • Less is more in writing
  • Use hard working verbs e.g.replace walk with stroll, stride, pace, stomp,etc.
  • Be invested in the character you write about
  • Use first hand experiences
  • Write stories with an element of surprise
  • Incorporate the five senses in a story
  • Simple language is the most effective
  • Stay in one setting and move backwards & forwards from it.