Best Pre-University Results outside of Australia in NSW HSC


Recently, Year 12 students from the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) completed their Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations, leading to impressive tertiary entrance ranks. AISM has achieved the best results outside of Australia in the NSW Higher School Certificate Pre-university Matriculation.

AISM has consistently improved rankings among New South Wales (NSW) schools, and in 2018 is ranked in the top 20%. According to statistics reported in The Sydney Morning Herald recently, AISM’s success rate (14.55%) has soared well above the average score of 5.47% for schools in NSW. Further to this, 86% of students achieved Bands 4, 5 and 6 results which is A* - A equivalent.


Thirteen students were also listed in the Distinguished Achievers List (90 marks or above in specific subjects) in a range of subjects including Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences/ Sciences/ Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Software Design and Development and English Extension. One student obtained an All-Rounder Achievement for attaining results in the highest band in 10 or more subjects and scored an impressive ATAR score of 99 marks.

The HSC is an internationally recognised qualification, and AISM graduates have been accepted into top universities all around the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and many other countries.--

Annabelle Sherylynn Bateman Mathematics Extension 1
Annabelle Shu-Xian Ranee Welch Biology, Drama, English (Advanced), Mathematics
Cheryl Kek Sze Lyn

All-Rounder Achievement  

Chemistry, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, Software Design and Development

Chong Kelvin Kai-Wei Mathematics
Hinano Shikauchi Mathematics Extension 1
Huang Wen Yap Mathematics General 2
Kaveen Parthiban Mathematics Extension 1
Malik Haiqal Malik Faisal Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Software Design and Development
Michelle Chang Sook Meng Mathematics, Music Extension
Samuel Wong Weng Kit Chemistry, Music 1, Physics
Sophie Chmiel German Continuers
Wai Mei Kam Biology, Mathematics, French Continuers
Yuan Zheng Wan

Biology, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics

What is also impressive about this is that our students' results have collectively placed AISM in the 102nd rank among all schools in, and outside New South Wales.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald