Creative Arts Week 2017


Arts Week Photography Competition

The photography competition for creative arts week received entries from across the school. There was great variety in the photographs that were received and some interesting interpretations of the prompts were made. I look forward to next years competition! Below are the winners:

Overall Winner Of 'Visions of Malaysia'- Sandhaya Sritharan 11W
Senior School winner of Visions of Malaysia- Nabila Skymmar 11G
Middle School Winner of Visions of Malaysia- Li Zhan Liew 6W
Junior School Winner of Visions of Malaysia- Madelaine Lee 5W
Winner Worms Eye View- Brendan Lee 9W
Winner Birds eye view- Hinano Shikauchi 11W
Winner Frames-Hannah Inoue-9W
Winner Eyes-Anna Huggel-7W

Art Exhibition and Photography Exhibition

The Middle and Senior School has had some amazing Art pieces displayed for us outside the Finance office and the Auditorium. The students have used a variety of mediums to create pieces that show the diversity within our school. 


Art Installation- Woven Diversity

Mrs Goonting designed an interactive Art installation that was hung outside the pool. The students wove the wool that was provided in the basket onto the frame to create a woven art work.

This has been intended to show the Diversity within our community as well as Malaysia and bring the AISM community together as one. 

Orpheus of the Underworld- A Year 9 and 10 Drama production

This was a play scripted and choreographed by the Year 9 and 10 Drama class. It was a Dance based drama which depicted a love story through interpretive dance. This combined elements of Drama, Music and Drama into a very enjoyable performance.

Year 6 Drama Plays- Fractured Fairytales

The year six drama classes wrote their own fairytales based on traditional fairy tales. They had to change the original tale and twist the plot. The students organised their own costumes and props and performed to a great audience. Well Done Year 6!

Year 8 Film Festival

Our drama/music project for semester 2 has been a thrill. We have been working on Film Noir and the specific music to go with it. Film Noir has been popular during the 1950’s and is basically a mystery/murder movie in black and white. We were split in a few groups each consisting of 3-4-5 members. Our films were presented during the film festival. The whole experience was heaps of fun and we really enjoyed it.

-Shane (Detective McBubbles), Nicolas W (Infernus), Phinix T (Lues).

AISM Rock's

The Years 3 to 12 students all attended a Rock performance from the MSS Music Department on Friday 10 November. It was a great success with several bands performing for the first time!


AISM Faculty Lip Sync Challenge

This year we introduced the AISM Faculty Lip Sync Challenge. Each Faculty entered a team of teachers and students for the challenge. It was great fun with The Arts and Maths teams coming out on top!


As a special guest at the AISM Lip Sync Battle I was extremely impressed with the effort that each student and staff member had put into their performances. It was fantastic to see the school respond and support some crazy fun - Please invite me back soon !! - Buzz McGeee