Early Learning Centre learning Science with Year 8 Students


Di McLean, Head Teacher - Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre students were delighted to be invited to view some Science project demonstrations being run by the Year 8 students in the Middle School this week. The Year 8 students ran some marvellous presentations about their latest Science projects and our ELC students were mesmerised to see what the older students had been learning about.

There were so many things to see and do and some of the ELC students’ favourite activities were viewing real animal skeletons up close with magnifying glasses. They also got to use a microscope for the first time to observe what muscle fibres look like when they are magnified. They could see every fibre and some children said it looked like string. The ELC students found this really fascinating and it certainly generated a lot of discussion when we got back to class.


Another favourite presentation was about how our ears work and how they can hear various high or low sounds. The ELC students could see inside a model ear and also used tuning forks of various sizes to listen to and feel the vibrations of different sound frequencies. Our ELC students noticed that the longer tuning forks made lower sounds and the shorter tuning forks made higher sounds.

Thank you to all of the Middle School students who presented so confidently to our ELC students. It was such a lovely way to share your learning with us and we truly enjoyed this collaborative learning experience.

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