F1 in schools


Simon Matheson, Head of Department - Science and Technology

On Saturday 9 September six of our dedicated Year 9 students competed in the annual F1 in schools competition. This is a complex and detailed event where groups must find sponsors to finance their project, portfolios, team concept, merchandise and car design.  It encompasses many different skills, innovations and experiences over many months of preparation, research and development.  The AISM representatives tackled this competition with skill and precision, taking on the likes of Gardens International School, NEXUS international school and SRI KDU.

Once the display and track were in place, we faced the first challenge; team presentation, reflecting, research, design, concept, marketing stage and car construction. We then progressed to the Pit Lane display where judges were measuring the innovation and originality of team concepts, visuals, merchandise, digital displays and responses to questions about the competition and the team inspirations.  This gave way to the main event; racing of the cars. Just like the real formula one race, the noise and excitement is infectious.  The cars are fuelled by pressurised carbon dioxide canisters, which once released rocket the cars along a 20 metre track in times just over a second. Reaction time, aerodynamics and weight to thrust ratio are pivotal in determining the outcome.  The pure car enthusiasts are jet propelled by sound, force and emotion. Our sharp driver, Ashley Boudeville lit the track on fire with an impressive 1.191 second race placing the team in second.

"F1 in schools has been a great experience and I've had such an awesome time with my teammates."  Irish Breen - team manager.

"This has been a most memorable experience, GGm8 xlr8." Rishi Krishnamurthi - manufacturing engineer.

Further Congratulations to Cara Hobson - graphic design, the logo, merchandise and artistic flair really made the entire project visually stunning. Matthew Roberts - sponsorship manager doubled this responsibility to strong Team spirit, inspiring momentum in all actions and encouraging everyone towards a really positive experience.  As design engineer - Akhilan Singam made himself renowned across the competition with clean lines, features and concept which were realised in amazing track race times.  All students made AISM, their sponsors and formule one very proud.