HSC Arts Showcase 2017


Eryn Grady, Head of the Arts

Year 12 Design and Technology Major Projects Display

On September 4, the Year 12 Design and Technology class had the opportunity to share their final projects with an audience at the annual Creative Arts Showcase. Tasked with displaying their projects and the design process, students compiled a collection of images from their portfolios, prototypes made during their development stages and of course, their projects each set up with accompanying props to show how they are intended to operate. As part of the evening the students were also given the chance to explain to the crowd of interested onlookers how they had developed their ideas, the experimentation and research they undertook and their motivation for developing their concepts. Designer of The Travel Buddy, a traveller’s hoodie, Roshen Sivabarathi explained one of the challenges to the audience as ‘Thinking about an idea is different to making one’’. 

Other students took the opportunity to share their challenges in order to show the audience that a project such as this does not happen overnight, and on the contrary, they require 9 months of sustained commitment to the task, often facing problems and setback which they have to overcome. Having only taken on this class at the start of Term 3 I have been impressed by how much they have all grown as young designers in such a short period of time and would like to wish them well for their future endeavours. Whether they end up in design careers or elsewhere, as Kent Wong explains below, D&T will stand them in good stead for their futures.


“HSC Design and Technology is a wonderful class that has exposed me to various fields in all aspects of my life, including time management, organizing work tasks, collaborative skills and most importantly independency in taking responsibility for my actions.” Kent Wong


Two Visual Arts students presented their Bodies of Work at the HSC Showcase.

Sydney gave an overview of her circuitous journey towards her final concept Vulnerability. Research into the concept, organising the photoshoot, the process of selection and editing her work culminated in an expressive series of photographs featuring a little girl juxtaposed against unidentified adults. Sydney used black and white and colour to build compositional balance, while focusing on facial expression and body language to strengthen the concept. Congratulations to the photographer and her excellent model, Elizabeth.

 Marino’s concept began with an interest in Seijin-shiki, the Japanese coming of age ceremony, but evolved into a personal, visual comment on three phases of her life, childhood, the present and her hopes for the future. Worked in a controlled palette of ochre, highlighted with symbolic touches of red, her triptych involved three processes, screen printing, painting and collage. May her wonderful hopes for the future be realized.

“While working through my HSC, Visual Arts project, I realized that while I was examining the concept of Vulnerability, the concept actually examined me. I gained a better understanding of my own emotions and fears and learned to deal with them. I developed aesthetic judgement and technical skills. The course was also an important lesson in planning and time management.” Sydney Thompson




The six HSC Drama student presented their Group and Individual Performances at the HSC Showcase. Jessy, Amy and Jared performed ‘Three’ - an exploration of the relationships and issues related to the number three. Issy, Vanessa and Sydney with the aid of Annabelle from year 11 who stepped in as an understudy performed ‘Love at First Flight’. Both highly successful pieces were influenced by physical theatre practitioners.

Each of the students also presented a performance for their Individual Project. Amy portrayed ‘Mrs Smith’ from the Absurdist play ‘The Bald Soprano’. Vanessa developed her own original piece entitled ‘The Memories We Have Forgotten’, and Issy showed off her musical theatre skills in a self-devised performance called ‘Jane Doe’s Big Break’. Sydney then performed an intense realist piece called ‘Medea Redux’ by Neil Labute, Jessy presented a powerful piece called ‘Down There’ and Jared completed the evening with his self-devised piece exploring the dark side of humanity entitled ‘Joke’s On You’.

The six students have worked incredibly hard over the year to develop these eight sophisticated, engaging performances and I am sure they and their parents and friends are all very proud of their result.


This year we have three HSC music students who performed their Core and elective performances for the audience. It was a pleasure to see how they have developed these throughout the year and polished them for this final performance. Jesse Breen wowed the audience with her rendition of “Girl in 14G”. Who knew she had a budding operatic voice! She then went on to sing Popular song “Love Song”, Rock song by Powderfinger and a final duet with Jared William. “Fine” was their theatre piece. Jared also sang “Mr Cellophane” from Chicago and a current Blues song by Anderson East. Jared also performed “Love Games” on the Bass guitar showing his versatility as a musician. Dilwen Ding performed four pieces on the piano including Chopin, Scarlatti, Frank Bridge and Dussack. He is an accomplished performer and wowed the audience with his skills.