Hanz Lee and Yue Xin Tan, Year 5

On Monday 29 May 2017, Mr Kneisz came to AISM to speak with the Upper Junior School about what he does for a living. He makes renewable engines for all types of vehicles and is trying to make the world a pollution-free place.

He explained that the engine uses oxygen and hydrogen to create energy, which is converted into power to make the car run. Instead of pollution, the engine lets out pure water (so pure, you can drink it!). Mr Kneisz has worked with NASA, Toyota and other worldwide companies in many different countries such as Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, China, and soon Malaysia! He is working towards creating a healthier environment and he hopes that soon vehicles all over the world will be using hydrogenic engines. He even brought one in for us to have a look at. It was really heavy!

With Green Week coming up, it was really interesting to hear about this new type of renewable fuel. Who knows, by the time we are old enough to start driving, perhaps all cars will be running on hydrogen fuel. Thank you Mr Kneisz!