International Competitions and Assessments for Schools


I am very pleased to record this year the number of students participating across the ICAS subjects has increased by approximately 11% to just over 124 students with 463 assessments completed. ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. The assessments which commenced over a six month period comprised Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science and English Writing assessments.

Participation in this competition provided another opportunity for our students to practice formal timed assessments whilst providing additional data for parents and the school on student progress. 

We have been very pleased with the obvious improvement over the past two years in our school-wide performance. This has been demonstrated with increased medals spread throughout a number of the assessments and a greater number of High \Distinctions,Distinctions and Credits. Participation levels have increased, with students attempting a broader number of assessments. 

This year we were very excited to hear that three students Megan Yap, Hugo Tan and Ethan Lee collectively received three medals, and these were awarded at a special presentation on Sunday 5 November.

In addition to the three medals our students also received 16 High Distinctions, 74 Distinctions and 145 Credits.  There was a 33% increase in the number of High Distinctions, a 54% increase in Distinctions and a 9% increase in Credits over all the tests. 

The following students below all received High Distinctions.

Student Name Year Level ICAS Assessment
Ethan Lee Yik Hau Year 2 ICAS English
Hugo Tan Year 2 ICAS Sciences, ICAS English & ICAS Mathematics
Sophie Lau Year 2 ICAS English
Abhigyan Ravichandran Year 3 ICAS English
Lee Ker Ru (Daryl) Year 3 ICAS Mathematics
Hayley Yap Year 4 ICAS Mathematics
Ong Ting Zhi (Alexus) Year 4 ICAS English
Teh Zo Ee Year 4 ICAS English Writing & ICAS English
Amelia Lee Year 6 ICAS Sciences
Cheun Yeu Joe Year 6 ICAS Mathematics
Yao Ming Lee Year 6 ICAS English
Megan Yap Year 7 ICAS Digital Technology & ICAS English

All students that participated are to be congratulated on their efforts in ICAS 2017.