Nature Photography Competition


Susan Skinner, Sustainability Coordinator

Thank you to everyone who entered the Nature Photography competition held in Green Week. There were some wonderful entries and it was pleasing to see that students from Foundation through to Year 12, staff and parents entered. We are very grateful for the Parents Association which donated the prizes, which were vouchers for Borders bookstores.

Congratulations to the winners -

First prize: Junior School parent, Mr Warwick van Damme, voucher RM100

Second prize: Year 8 student Bianca Drummond Costa, voucher RM75

Third prize: Year 6 student Li Zhan Liew, voucher RM50

People's Choice Prize: Year 8 student Arianna Eimer, voucher RM50

A big thank you to Photography teacher Mrs Anna Wood for coordinating the competition, and thanks to our judges, Mrs McFarlane, Mrs Wood and Visual Art teacher Mrs Pat Goonting.

To view winning photos, click here:  Nature Photography Competition 

The Principal, Dr Priest presents certificates and prizes to the winners, Li Zhan Liew, Bianca Drummond Costa and Warwick van Damme (parent). The People’s Choice prize had not been announced at this stage.

We had our first Green Week at AISM from 5-9 June 2017. Many activities and displays were organised in different parts of the school. We had guest speakers, competitions, sales of herb seedlings, a marketplace with fundraising for turtle conservation, suggestion box, green’ dreamcatcher’ for our hopes for planet Earth, a mobile e-waste recycling drive, live music performances, and an appearance by cast of The Inserts play in their superb costumes.

Year 6 students participated in a Treasure Hunt for recyclable loot in the playground and on the school oval. And the Year 6 homerooms challenged each other to see which class could generate the least waste at recess and lunch. Unfortunately, despite great planning and commitment from students and parents to prepare zero-waste lunches, both teams were disqualified due to interference with the data and waste being collected!

Teachers across the school incorporated learning activities related to sustainability in their lessons, and each homeroom developed a class pledge to be positive and ‘green’.

Measuring the Impact

Sustainability is one of the three cross-curriculum priority areas for the Australian curriculum. Green Week raised the ‘green’ profile of the school, and helped us all be more aware of the many small ways each of us can contribute to sustainability through the choices we make and our behaviours. Green Week created new opportunities for students, staff and parents from different parts of the school to collaborate and achieve something great. The Canteen and Cafe reintroduced stainless steel cutlery and reduced the amount of plastic they used for the week. We formed new partnerships with outside agencies and environmental groups like Eco Warriers, and this may open possibilities for students beyond the classroom. And we successfully raised funds for turtle conservation in Malaysia. *

The plan was to focus on three themes

a.          Reduce energy waste at AISM

b.          Reduce use of plastic in the canteen and cafe, and

c.          Improve recycling at AISM

How could we know if we were successful? We planned to collect data before, during and after Green Week, to be able to measure the impacts. However we ran out of time and human resources to do this in 2017. Anecdotal evidence around the school suggests that we still have a long way to go! For example, AC and electronic devices left on in empty classrooms, doors to gym left open so air conditioners work harder, too many recyclable materials still being put in the general waste instead of recyclable bins.

Sustainability does not just start and end with Green Week. Clearly we need to maintain momentum through ongoing activities and messages. If you have any ‘green’ suggestions for AISM, please let us know!

Thank you everyone for being part of our first ever Green Week at AISM.

* We are still collecting donations for our turtle conservation fundraiser, so it is too early to announce how much we raised. We will share the final amount with you in a future newsletter.

A big thank you to all of the students, staff and parents who helped plan, promote and conduct many activities. In particular,

  • Students: members of the Junior School Sustainability Committee, the Middle Senior School Green Team, and class representatives on the Student Representative Committee
  • Parents: Parents Association, Yee Send Chan
  • Junior School staff: Alicia Low and the Junior School Sustainability Committee
  • Middle Senior School staff: Anna Wood, Chris Broadbent, Simon Mathieson
  • Marketing, media: Sheena Subhas, Vino Nokaraju
  • Technology: Donavan Zegna
  • Facilities: Shashi Asnani and Facilities Team

Thank you also to the Parents’ Association who coordinated an information session for parents about healthy low waste lunches and donated prizes for the nature photography competition. 


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