STEM Showcase


Simon Matheson, Head of Science and Technology

The STEM Showcase was a great way of headlining how the students are actively engaging with Science, Mathematics and Technology in a fun and innovative way. The variety of projects and experiments on show, really highlighted just how knowledgeable and enthusiastic our students are when given the chance to encourage and inspire inquiry, enterprise and exploration.  Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the AISM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Showcase that was hosted on Thursday 15 June.  Students from Year 6 to Year 10 presented projects across a vast field of Science, Technology and Mathematics including but not exclusive to: 

  • Experimental investigations into rates of reaction using starch Iodine clock reactions,
  • Experimental investigations into how heat and sound waves transfer,
  • Experimental investigations into energy efficiency, transfer and transformation,   
  • Environmental awareness campaigns focused on renewable energies,
  • Promotions of scientific and technological evidence which contribute to managing the impact of natural events,
  • F1 Schools competition, encouraging engineering, management, marketing and innovation,
  • A variety of Design and Technology projects and portfolios from across the semester,
  • Coding animation and gaming development through Information and Software Technologies, and
  • Mathematics Breakout room which stimulated the audience with, logic puzzles, hands-on activities, creative Mathematics problems and Interactive ‘Free Rice’ challenge, all organised by Year 8 students.

From 2:10pm - 3:10pm the Junior school visited with students across Years ELC - 5, who made the verandahs of the A block abuzz with excitement and education.  Many commented on the enthusiasm and quality of knowledge of the presenting students, which is encouraging for the future of AISM achievements internally and externally.  Special thanks must go to the students who remained behind after school to clean up, their efforts and passion are truly appreciated.  When given the opportunity it was evident that AISM is brimming with talented higher order thinkers and collaborative team members.

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