Visible Learning in Bahasa Melayu and Malaysian Cultural Studies


Adila Parman and Mohd Fadhly Roslei

1. Bahasa Melayu

Visible Thinking Routines (VTRs) are thinking rich ways in which students go about the process of learning. This year, students increased their understanding and skills in Bahasa Melayu by using VTRs during their lessons.

During reading activities, students used the Color-Symbol-Image (CSI) visible thinking routine. Students worked with their buddy reader to express their understanding of the story being read through colour, symbols and images. They used the Think-Pair-Share VTR to actively listen to the ideas of others, and to share their ideas to gain understanding from multiple perspectives when learning a language other than English. VTRs increased the students’ interest to know more about the core skills in Bahasa Melayu - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.



2.Malaysian Cultural Studies - Batik Painting

Learning Intention

Learn to paint batik with correct techniques

Success Criteria

Differentiate batik from Malaysia and Indonesia

Use correct techniques of Batik painting

In conjunction with Creative Arts Week, Year 5 students had a great opportunity to learn about the history of Batik in Malaysia during their MCS lessons. They were exposed to the steps of making batik, from the drawing of the pattern to the painting of the design using natural colours. They were able to complete an individual batik painting - an amazing experienced for them! All Upper Junior School students participated in the Collaborative Batik Painting activity as well, with each learner contributing to a beautiful, mesmerizing batik painting under the theme of ‘The Rainforest Fantasy’. This activity built a spirit of teamwork and sharing the spirit of Batik painting. They were guided by Mr. Lazim, a professional Batik painter from Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex.



Wan Yoke Yin and Hor Kai Lin

Learners know where they are going in their learning and how well they have achieved their learning intention in Mandarin classes

In Mandarin classes, students begin their new topics with the Thinking Routine: See, Think, Wonder. Students will know what they are going to learn, brainstorm about what pre knowledge they have and what they want to explore further in this topic. Knowing where you are going and how you are going in your learning are important aspects of Visible Learning. It is made explicitly clear to the children that it does not matter where you begin, rather it matters how much effort you put in and how much growth you have made by the end of the topic. We also used the ‘Think-Pair-Share’ visible thinking routine while learning new vocabulary.  This encourages a large amount of discussion to share ideas from different perspectives. At the end of the class, students always feedback to their teacher and their classmates, how well they have achieved their learning intention in their Mandarin class.