Visit from Picha Project


Mia Tan, 8G

On the 20th of February, the Grade 8 English class led by Ms Holmes and Ms Epetahui had the enormous privilege of hearing and witnessing what is possible when we explore our talents and reach out to help others.

Suzanne Ling is the co founder of an inspiring social organisation: the Picha Project.

The Picha Project is an Impact Driven Enterprise that empowers refugees in Malaysia through a sustainable food delivery and catering business. They deliver authentic traditional meals prepared by refugee families from various countries to companies, events and organisations. “As refugees put food on your table, you are putting food on theirs,” is the organisation’s motto.

Suzanne talked to us about how she has dedicated her life to helping these refugees and from this, how her outlook on life has changed. She realised that she was so lucky and that she wanted to give back to the world. 

She also told us about the kind and caring refugee families. One story that truly reached out to us all was about the Syrian chef, Zaza. Suzanne told us about his positive and passionate attitude towards his life and how he cared for others even when he didn’t have much for himself. Unfortunately, earlier last year, Zaza fell sick and passed away, but what stays with us is his kindness. Even in the hospital, he only cared about others and what he could do to help. This story inspired many of us and as we all looked at each other we realised that we can do something to help make a change.

During her speech, Suzanne shared the quote that changed her life: “You don’t have to change the world, you just have to change somebody’s world”.

Suzanne’s speech had a big impact on me. I have realised how lucky we are. Not everyone has access to multiple meals a day and a wonderful education.

There is somebody out there who needs you.

What can you do to change somebody’s world?