World Scholar's Cup – 24 Trophies and 297 Medals


Chris Broadbent, Careers and Pathways Advisor

On Saturday 29 April, thirty AISM students travelled south to attend the first ever Johor Bahru Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) at the Raffles American School. AISM has been part of the WSC program for nine years now and we have seen the vast contribution that it makes to the educational experience of some of our gifted and talented students.

 Our students are known as the ‘Scholaroos’ and our delegation competes in teams of three in a variety of academic pursuits including debate, essay writing and examination. The theme for this year was ‘An Unlikely World’ and our scholars were required to study a dizzying array of new content that ranged from history to conspiracy theories to the work of Emily Dickinson and the challenges of economic forecasting. The Scholaroos worked extremely hard to prepare for this event since the start of the year. In addition to their regular CCA sessions, students have trained two lunchtimes a week and attended a debate camp, not to mention the countless hours at home spent studying.

Our students performed spectacularly well. In total, our students left Johor Bahru with a staggering 24 different trophies and 297 medals. Every Scholaroo was awarded at least four medals, with two students winning 16. Their successes are too many to list here in their entirety, however some of the highlights include:

  • Ghazi won first place in individual Senior Debate,
  • Erja was crowned top scholar in Junior Division across all competitions and was given the honour of speaking in the Showcase Debate,
  • Kayla won second place for individual Senior Essay Writing,
  • The Junior team of Erja, Alex and Taiitsu won first place over the entire competition as well as Team Debate and Essay Writing,
  • Mia, Megan and Priyanka’s Junior Division team won the Scholar’s Challenge and the Scholar Bowl. They also came second in Team Debate and second overall across all competitions,
  • Airyl, Sandhaya and Kaveen’s team came second across all competitions in Senior Division, second in the Challenge and in the Bowl,
  • The Senior Team of Ghazi, Xuan Lin and Carey came second in Senior Team Debate.

Such a glittering list of success is a wonderful achievement and something to be truly celebrated; however, it is the journey that our students go on to achieve these results that is the most rewarding aspect of the World Scholar’s Cup. Students, both experienced and first-timers work together to learn and discuss the themes and issues of the competition. They acquire new knowledge and different ways of looking at the world and together they work to make sense of it.