Year 12 Student Wins Monash University Architectural Competition


Nabila Skymar, Year 12G entered the Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA) Inaugural Architecture Competition last year, but little did she know her design on sustainability would wow the judges. She was awarded a AUD$4000 study grant for an architecture course at Monash University. The aim of this competition was to encourage students to showcase their drive and ability to pursue a professional degree in Architecture, as well as to recognise architecture education in Malaysia.

Nabila's entry was based on the question, 'Describe a problem that you have observed in your city. This can be spatial, social, cultural, economic, political, etc. Then, explain how you think architecture can help solve this problem.'   She submitted a proposal to replace greenery lost on ground with greenery in the sky, such as rooftop gardens and vertical gardens in apartments, malls, restaurants, cafes and schools, to promote environmental sustainability of the city. She has been wanting to try something new, and was always very interested in architecture. She feels it's always good to try something out of your comfort zone, and who knows- you may even start liking it. Even if you don't, at least you learnt something new. 

Well done Nabila!