Year 8 Camp - Krabi


Priyanka Krishna, 8G & Vivian Teoh, 8

On the 20 March, about 40 excited Year 8 students met at KLIA 2 at 10:30am. Every single person there was looking forward to travelling to Krabi, Thailand.

Weeks before leaving for camp, we all got even more excited by the minute, and we became more desperate to leave for camp. As it was our first camp overseas, our expectations were far higher than they were for the previous camps. Packing was a major aspect for preparation (as always)! Some of us packed weeks in advance, whilst others did it roughly the night before. It was great. I remember having a few sleepless nights before leaving mainly due to my anticipation.

When the day for camp finally arrived, the Year Eight students all excitedly met at the airport to check-in. Checking in independently was a new experience for many of us. Our parents followed us until we had to enter the boarding pass and passport check. It was then time to say goodbye. The rest of our airport trip was up to us and our teachers. I remember the rough plane ride. As the clouds were quite thick, there was some turbulence. At one point it felt like we were falling for a few seconds!

When we finally arrived at Krabi airport, everyone was ecstatic about doing the activities and looking around. However there was a sudden storm which left everyone soake, as we waited for our boats. We carried our bags through the rain and onto the boats, relieved to be leaving but devastated because most of our clothes got wet! We went through another long wait at the hotel’s beach, as it was still raining at the site. When it finally let up, we all hurried to our rooms and unpacked, sadly missing our tour around the island due to our hold up. We however still got a taste of Krabi’s beauty It really is pretty!

Krabi was absolutely beautiful, with its fine sand and light blue water. You could see the different tones of blue in the water. Every beach was surrounded by towering limestone mountains and cliffs. Everything about Krabi was flawless.

After getting settled in our rooms we all had dinner. Let us tell you something, Thai people really know how to cook! The green curry we had on the first day was by far our favourite meal throughout the whole camp. Other food we got given included pineapple fried rice, red curry, some barbecued food, and many more delicious items. Food is one part of camp we will never forget.

The day activities we did were snorkelling, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, hanging out on the beach, going in a cave, and more. For many people it was their first time doing certain activities and it was a new experience for them. Everyone happily accepted the challenges that were offered to them, learning new things and growing a little bit stronger than they were before.  

Snorkelling was great. It was fun to explore the ocean and see the different creatures and the colourful coral.

Rock climbing was a great challenge for many. Some managed to overcome their fear of heights. Some people loved to challenge themselves and did multiple courses including the difficult ones. As we made our way through a cave, we were all getting extremely worn out. We all had to continuously climb up ladders and make our way up steep areas in order to get to the other side of the cave, however that was not the scary part. The scary bit was realising that we had to abseil down the side of a cliff to get down!! The task looked frightening, however it was not that bad.

Kayaking was extremely tiring as we kayaked multiple kilometres against the current. Mrs Matheson's continuous calls of motivation left us with no choice but to kayak our way throughout the whole course. The reward for our hard word was kayaking through the amazing sheer limestone cliffs and beautiful scenery.

Night activities took place after dinner every day. We did a number of night activities throughout camp. On the first night we played chinese whispers and pulse. On the second night, we had sort of a minute to win it challenge. On the third night, we played capture the flag down by the beach in the dark. On the last, we watched fire dances, and had a marshmallow toast out. It was amazing.

Throughout camp, we became incredibly closer to a number of people whom we never thought we would become close to. This was most probably our favourite aspect of camp. We got to know so many people even more. We started to feel like a family.

On the last day, it was time to go home. After souvenir shopping in Ao Nang, we went to the airport. All of us directed our way through the airport like we did in KLIA2 on the first day. This time, the plane ride was peaceful and there was barely any turbulence. When we arrived at KLIA 2, we were getting even more desperate to go home to our families. After walking out of the arrival gate, there were many happy parents waiting for their children.

Camp this year was one of the most memorable camps ever. It was one of the best camps of all time.