Year 9 and 10 Careers Day


Chris Broadbent, Careers and Pathways Advisor

Following on from the success of last year, AISM has its second annual Years 9 and 10 Careers Day on Friday 26 May. This year, the program will run from Periods 2 to 5, following the completion of examinations. Taking a day to concentrate on careers planning and self reflection is a wonderful opportunity for our students to consider their own strengths and attributes as well as consider future pathways.

In Year 9 the program is entitled This is me. This unit provides opportunities for students to develop their decision-making skills. Students are investigating the opportunities and their own interests and preferences. The unit draws on and reflects upon the JIIG-CAL CareerVoyage questionnaire that students have been taking at AISM for a number of years. It allows students to explore their strengths and interests. Your child will be bringing home their CareerVoyage report and I encourage you to discuss this with them.

In Year 10 the program is entitled Investigating the world of work. Year 10 students develop their careers skills in preparation for their Careers Research Project. This unit is designed to help students prepare for their Careers Research Project week. It also encourages students to think about their expectations and responsibilities during the work experience. Your child will be bringing home their Careers Research Project letter and the process of finding placements for work experience will begin.