The school has forged relationships with various organisations who can add value to the outcomes of our students.

The school has forged various partnerships with organization for different interests.

Bluwater Developments Berhad
Bluwater Developments Berhad, is the the developer for Bluwater Estate in which the school premises is located. The school works alongside Bluwater in mutually beneficial community based initiatives. Formal discussions have begun regarding the use of the lake as a recreational space for school and community, making the school recreational facilities available to Bluwater residents and establishing a school and community garden.


Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking
The school’s World Scholar’s Cup team works together with the Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking for debate competitions. The organisation facilitates the promotion and development of Debate and Public Speaking and other communication skills as the main tool for human capital development.


Malaysian Australian New Zealand Association
We are a member of the Association and support the events organised and members with information about the school.


Malaysian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce We are a member of the Association and a Silver Sponsor in support of their events and activities.


Malaysian Australian Business Council (MABC)
Our Principal represents the Education Sector committee in the Malaysian Australian Business Council.


Ibu Family Resource Group
For over 20 years ibu has offered support, practical advice and information to young families in and around KL. From pregnancy and the adoption process to life with a new baby, a toddler and beyond, ibu provides a place to meet, chat, get information, play and have fun. Ibu, welcomes both mums and dads and membership is open to all nationalities, races, religions and creeds. With over 20 nationalities represented within their membership base, ibu encourages cross- cultural exchanges that take advantage of both our similarities and differences. To know more about ibu visit


Taylors University Taylors University offers scholarships to AISM scholarship recipients who intend to further their studies to the university. Scholarship offers will be based on student's performance.