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Information on the AISM book and stationery charity donations to ‘The Reading Room’, 2015

Lots of empty boxes were delivered to AISM recently by Crown Relocations. Students are being asked to donate their books and stationery items to ‘The Reading Room’ charity as they tidy up at the end of term. This project is jointly organised by AISM teacher, Ms Colleen Derham, MANZA (Malaysian Australian and New Zealand Association) and Crown Relocations.

Here is a little information from Aggie, the MANZA Charity Co-ordinator.

“The Reading Room has 2 classrooms, both are used as reading and study areas. It also has a small dining area and a kitchen. Kids there get a clean and safe place to go to after and before school, on weekends and public holidays. They get 2 meals a day there, help with school work, and get to be involved in lots of activities. Susie runs a boys' and a girls' football team, they run a music program (some of the older boys are learning to play the guitar, and are hoping to become a band Susie's says they are not that great, but are having fun, and are off the streets, not getting into trouble). OR they simply have somewhere fun and inspiring to go to whenever they can.”

The donations from AISM can make a big difference to Library and helping the students to study with donated stationery items.

Here is ‘The Reading Room’ library a few years ago.

The Reading Room Library has grown to this as shown in the pictures.
There is plenty of space in the library for more donations.

Thank you for your donations of books and stationery items to help students at ‘The Reading Room’.