Photography Tips


Photographing Children

Have you ever been on social media and been impressed by the photographs your friends take of their children? and then wondered what's their secret?

Improving your photographs of your children can be summarised in a few easy to remember points:

1. Get down to their level. You are used to seeing the world at your height. When you get down to your children level, you see the world from their perspective and it makes for much more interesting photographs.

2. Focus on the details. Take pictures of tiny hands and feet drawing, squishing in the mud or playing with a toy. Sometimes the most exciting photos don't contain the whole scene.

3. Photograph daily life. Don't wait for a special occasion when the stress levels could be higher, take pictures of morning play or riding a bike. Your children will love looking back in the future at the normal things that they did and comparing it to what they do now.

4. Practice. The only way to improve is to get out there and practice. So you can refine your technique and to discover what works with your children.

Photograph of the Week

Carey Loh, Year 9G

Anna Wood
Teacher of 9 & 10 Photography and Digital Media