Poetry Recital


Kerry Smith, Deputy Head of Junior School

It was another beautiful Friday in March
The audience was aquiver
For the annual Poetry Recital to start
We couldn’t wait to hear what would be delivered!

The show was introduced by Mr Gredig on piano,
We were astounded, agog and awestruck
Then came Hickory Dickory Dock by the Geckos
Followed by Olivia, Jasmine and Zoe performing with such pluck!

Year 5 band played with zest and were wonderful
Before our Prep ‘Dirty Dinosaurs’ left us foot tapping
Eliza, Mayuri and Antonio recited so well
And Year 1’s ‘Road to Gundagai’ had us clapping!

Isabelle, Karthic and Lola’s fabulous poetic renditions
Were interspersed with ‘Day of the Week’ from Foundation
Su Min had us spellbound with Fur Elise by Beethoven
Before we enjoyed performances by Jian and Maddison.

And what happened then?  What were the teachers doing?
Climbing on stage, and standing tall and together?
‘Sea Fever’ had us focused, the teachers’ voices booming
Their somber, stark unity we will remember forever.

Then more excellence: Hugo’s ‘Captain Hook’ and Emily’s ‘School Routine’
Madelaine’s ‘German Measles’ and Niamh’s non-stopping Girl
Year 3 performed ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ - what a team!
Daryl’s ‘Hello Sir’, Jyn’s ‘Worms’  and Levi’s ‘Four Square’ left our minds in a whirl!

And just like that, the magic was over; the show was finished.  
The performers were thanked and we applauded
And we departed, considering our performers - so accomplished
Their courage, their enunciation, forever to be lauded.

And it gets me to thinking about our beautiful little community
We might not have underground car parks and ten pitches for football
But AISM has joy, nurturing and excellence in infinite capacity
And one luminescent, intangible quality, a special something - a soul.

For more photos on Facebook, click here:  Poetry Recital 

AIMS Mathematics Challenge

Jordan Redstone, Year 5 Teacher

On Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 8, a selected group of Year 5 students took part in the AIMS Mathematics Challenge. This prestigious event brought together aspiring mathematicians from all over Malaysia. Madelaine Lee, Wing Sum Lee, Eliza Tan and Tamay Delavar were selected to represent AISM at the two-day event, hosted at IGB School in Sungai Buloh. The girls completed a variety of challenges covering a range of mathematical strands. They worked on individual tasks, as well as completing tasks as a team. They did particularly well in applying mathematical thinking to everyday problems and creating 3D models as part of the urban planning task. The girls had fun challenging themselves and did an outstanding job representing AISM, placing eighth out of a total of 20 teams. Congratulations again to Madelaine, Wing Sum, Eliza and Tamay.