Principal's Address


It is hard to fathom that we have now arrived at the final week of the 2015 school year. For new members of staff to the School, such as me, this first year may have been like being swept up in a powerful tidal wave of new colleagues, new routines and a new culture; there has been so much to learn in such a short time. For ongoing members of staff it has perhaps been comparable to running yet another marathon. Just when they think the last ounce of energy and motivation are exhausted and spent, they manage to summon a burst of creativity that gives them a boost to power on to the end of the school year.

Although each school year is similar in routines and procedures, each year is also as unique and individual as fingerprints. This year has been no exception with new challenges set and new achievements made. In one aspect or another, our teachers have continued to powerfully impact the lives of each one of our students. Every classroom is like an extended family where the teacher and students work, play and coexist together for the year. While the end of the year brings the end of these class groups, the relationships will endure into the following year with many friendly interactions around the school grounds.

With the closing of the school year all of our students face another transition. For some students the transition is from one year to another in the Junior, Middle or Senior Schools but for others it is the transition into the secondary phase of schooling. Our current Year 5 students will meet new teachers, be given new expectations, and surrounded by a larger peer group as new students join the School for Year 6. Children by their very nature are amazingly adaptable and resilient and we know that our Year 5 students have been well prepared for this transition. Indeed, they are very excited!

Thank you to all teachers, support staff and members of the School community who have contributed collaboratively to another successful and fun-filled year of learning at AISM. We wish those members of staff, who are leaving us, our very best wishes for their retirement or future career paths and we look forward to commencing the year with members of staff who are taking on new responsibilities and challenges in a new country. In particular I wish to extend my thanks to Mrs Fuller and Mr Martineau for their stewardship of the Middle and Senior School over the past two and five years respectively. Much of the development in this area of the school is directly attributable to these two members of staff.

Each school year remains a journey for both teachers and students. Both learn from each other, and will ultimately carry with them memories, knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime. Next year will bring new opportunities for all of us but until then I wish you all a wonderful vacation with your families and a joyful New Year.