Recruitment 2017 and Visible Learning


Graeme Naftel, Head of Junior School

One of the five strands of Visible Learning is ‘Inspired and Passionate Teachers’. Last term, teachers from across the School conducted an action research project (Impact Cycle) on how specific characteristics of an inspired and passionate teacher impacted on their students’ achievement and the Whole School Visible Learning Team has created a Profile of ‘An Inspired and Passionate AISM Teacher’ which is now on display in various key places around the School.

We are currently recruiting for teachers for 2017. Each shortlisted candidate has been sent this profile, and at interview we discuss ways in which they demonstrate these key characteristics in their teaching. Professor Hattie’s research shows that teachers working collaboratively with their colleagues to support student learning has the greatest effect on achievement of any of the almost 200 identified influences, and only those applicants who clearly demonstrate a willingness to effectively collaborate are being considered.

The recruitment process is well under way and it is very pleasing to note the high quality of applicants. We should be in a position to announce all confirmed appointments by early next term, and I can assure you that the teachers who join us in 2017 will be truly ‘Inspired and Passionate’.

Stage 2 Music Showcase

Please remember to join us on Friday 2 September at 9.30am for the Stage 2 Musial Showcase. The theme is 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll. Any student in Years 3 to 5 who wishes to perform should contact Mr Parry either in his office, or by email

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all the students who qualified for today’s Final of the Annual Spelling Bee. As judges, Dr Priest, Mrs Smith and I were so impressed with the performances of all participants. Special congratulations go to the following grade winners:


1st: Svend Wong

2nd: Felix Wong

  Year 3

1st: Zo Ee Teh

2nd: Kevin Lal

3rd: Yan Xi

Year 1

1st: Ethan Lee

2nd: Hugo Tan

Year 4

1st: Raiqa Shahril

2nd: Nikhil Rao

Year 2

1st: Troy Belcher

2nd:Matthew Messner-Gul

Year 5

1st: Ee Lea Lai

2nd: Sara Yap


For more photos click here:   Spelling Bee  


ELC and Year 3 Buddies

The Early Learning Centre and Year 3 students have started a buddy program together. A buddy was carefully selected for each child and the students commenced sharing books, games, songs and activities together in each class. There will be various times and events during the year when these classes will meet up and work on special projects together.

This will be an ongoing program and we look forward to seeing some caring and close relationships develop between the students. The Year 3 students will learn how to mentor and develop leadership skills and also learn to care for and interact with a younger student. The ELC students will have someone they can look up to and go to for help, support and friendship, and someone with whom they can proudly share their work. Through this Buddy Program we hope that all of the students will develop a strong sense of community and belonging at AISM.


The ELC and Year 3 teachers