Stage 2 Music Showcase


Congratulations to all the Stage 2 students who participated in the wonderful Music Showcase held on Friday. There was a wonderful range of group and individual performances. Thank you to Mr Parry for his organisation of this year’s major musical event for Years 3-5.

For more photos click here:     Stage 2 Music Showcase  

Technology in 2G

At the forefront of changes in pedagogy lies Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In 2G, technology such as iPads, computers and interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are used daily to engage students in lessons and further support their learning and understanding.


Working on fractions on the                      Using the iPad to research information about the water cycle                           Completing Mathletics
interactive whiteboard                                                                                                                                             and Reading Eggs tasks in the JS Mac lab



Persuasive Writing

In Year 3, students have been exploring persuasive writing techniques. Last week, we visited Zoo Negara to see the living conditions of animals in captivity as a stimulus for persuasive writing. Here is just one of the many fantastic student responses.

Should animals be kept in cages?

Whenever you go to the zoo, do you ever wonder if the animals there should be kept in cages? Well the answer is NO! I believe animals in the zoo should not be kept in cages.

My first reason why most definitely animals must no be kept in cages is there is certainly not enough space. I mean would you like to be kept in a hot, stuffy cage in the middle of the city to be stared at by people if you were an animal? I bet not. Always remember that animals are living too.

Secondly, animals can easily get injured in cages, as easily as we can walk. If you were a monkey for example, you were just swinging around and then BANG, you just hit the side of the cage and got badly injured. If you were a lion and wanted to jump out and escape, sadly there is a moat around you. So you not only are badly injured, you also stuck in a damp and smelly moat.

Lastly, wouldn’t you want to look at animals in their natural habitat rather than in a cage? You could be looking at them eating their food, playing around in a safe, healthy looking environment.

I now hope you are persuaded that animals should NOT be kept in cages because they should be free to run around, be safe and healthy.

By Aneesha Pollock


Year 3 has been investigating Photography as an art medium. The children explored the work of the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. Focusing on colours and lines, the children first experimented with trying to capture these elements around the school and then applied them to portraits of their peers. Each team had to interview each other, find out what they liked doing and what their hopes and dreams were. Each team had to plan how they would take the photos, whilst trying to incorporate some of this information. Once this was complete, the children used the Google extension ‘Polarr’ to edit their work.