Interschool & School Sport

Our outstanding sports program

Nurturing healthy bodies and minds
Australia is a nation of sports achievers. At AISM, we believe that healthy bodies also nurture healthy minds, which is why sport is an integral part of our Australian education.

Sport for every student
At the Australian International School Malaysia all students, whatever their ability, participate in sport at some level. At our school, your child has the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of physical activity, competition and sportsmanship.

Our sports programmes are about commitment, teamwork and enjoyment at all levels of competition. All our students from Foundation to Year 12 take part in the school’s swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals. We also offer a comprehensive swim and triathlon program for all of our students across the year.

Opportunities for top performers
AISM is part of several local leagues which provides an opportunity for students to compete against Government and other International schools in Malaysia. Such opportunities are presented through our participation in the International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC), Majlis Sukan Selangor State (MSSS) Championships and other sporting competitions such as triathlon, duathlon and aquathon events.

In school, we offer a wide range of sport activities in our Co Curricular Activities program which helps students hone and practice their skills in their chosen sport. All of our coaches have extensive knowledge and passion for their sport. Some Co -Curricular Activities are offered by well-known sport coaches in Malaysia and others are offered by our own in-house specialist sport teachers.

Barracudas Swim Squad

The Australian International School Malaysia's Swim Squad (The Barracudas) trains before school and is aimed at improving students swimming ability for competitions through specialised training.

Every year, the squad competes in several competitions including the International School Athletic Conference (ISAC) Championships. We also compete on a regular basis in local and International swim meets.

The Barracudas is headed by our Development Coordinator and Head Coach for Swimming, alongside other highly qualified instructors, all of whom have received accreditation from AUSTSWIM, or FINA which are both professionally recognised in Australia and O/S

Pre Squad ( Pre Barracudas)
For our younger students who are still developing confidence as a swimmer, our Pre Barracudas Program is wonderful way to build upon the foundations of swimming and prepare them for future squad training in Barracudas.

Please click here to access the AISM Swimming Program Brochure.

Triathlon Series

AISM plays host to two triathlons each year.

AISM Family Triathlon
Students and their families are provided an opportunity to participate in a triathlon at AISM in a fun, safe and non- threatening environment.  This family day builds upon community spirit and is a great way for families to come together and connect with other families.  
Triathlon Series (Livemore, for students who are Five Years and above)
AISM is privileged to host one of the International triathlon series that caters for the wider community. Many of our students and parents are lucky enough to volunteer on the day to ensure the smooth running of this event. Unlike the family triathlon, this is open to the wider KL community.
Leadership and sport
Sport is a great place for our students to practise and learn leadership and teamwork skills. We provide opportunities for student leadership with Junior, Middle and Senior School House Captains. Students are encouraged to assist the Physical and Sport Education department in the running of school carnivals, speaking at formal assemblies and to and manage lunchtime games for house points. The sport leaders have an important role to play in developing house spirit.

Junior School sports programs

Activities for young learners Beginner’s Swimming

Beginner’s Swimming
At AISM we recognise the importance of water safety and developing competent swimming skills amongst our students. Therefore, we offer sessions that will help students will learn, practice and refine their survival and swimming skills. We have a wonderful swimming pool that is utilised all year long for in school swimming lessons from Foundation - Year 10. Parents also play a large role in delivering our swimming program for the younger students and are able to assist with in water support for their child’s swimming lesson.

Foundation to Years 2 Swimming Carnival

Our students from  Foundation to Year 2 enjoy a day of non-competitive water games with their peers.

During their swimming lessons, the students are taught water familiarisation, balance and stability and buoyancy and flotation. Learning through these stages is critical prior to the introduction of stroke development.

Years 3 to 5 Swimming Carnival

After an extensive Learn to Swim Program our students in Years 3-5 take part in a House Swimming Carnival, where they take part in competitive swimming activities. Students receive house points for their efforts and age champions and winners are awarded during the Junior School Assembly.

Athletics carnival

At AISM, our students are provided with many opportunities to learn athletic skills, which are an integral part of child development. Through our House Athletics Carnivals, students have the opportunity to compete in a variety of track and field activities, involving running, throwing and jumping.

Middle and Senior Schools sports programs

Bringing out the athlete in your child

International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC) Games

International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC) is an athletics competition for students of Kuala Lumpur international schools. AISM participates in the ISAC throughout the year. All our age groups consistently come in the top 5 ISAC schools in swimming, athletics and cross country

There are 3 seasons a year, from February to October. Events include swimming, track and field, cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, touch, tennis, softball and badminton.

International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC) 2016 / 2017 Calendar

Season 1 (August/October)

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country

Season 2 (October/February)

  • Basketball
  • Rugby (Boys) Touch (Girls)
  • Swimming
  • Tennis

Season 3 (February/April)

  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Badminton

Other competitions our students regularly take part in include: netball, tennis, triathlons, duathlons and cricket tournaments.