Personal & Social Capability


Unlock Potential

One of the huge aspects in the Australian Curriculum is personal and social capability development. Through many meaningful opportunities and activities, we aim to help students understand their potential while working collaboratively with their peers, their community and its surrounding.


Through training and opportunities to develop a new generation of global leaders, the Australian curriculum challenges your child to develop their own thoughts, ideas and opinions, preparing them to take on the future.

School Captains and Vice Captains

Voted by staff and peers, representing the Student Body

4 House Captains

Leading their houses for all Inter-house activities, from sports to cocurricular

Peer Mentoring Committee

Responsible for reviewing and improving pupil relationships, particularly in the playground

Sustainability Committee

Responsible to promote and create a ‘greener’ school through sustainability efforts, workshops and awareness within the community

Service Learning Committee

Responsible for encouraging students to help through service to foster good community spirit

Junior School Student Representative Council (SRC)

Discussing concerns of classes with School Captains, giving all students a voice within the school body

School Captains and Vice Captains

Four students who lead and represent the entire student body

4 House Captains

Responsible to lead their Houses for all Inter-House activities, Team Building and International Day events


Community and School Arts

Involved in committees that oversee and implement the Arts programs in Music, Drama, Visual Arts as well as also Community Events.

Events Prefects and Sports Prefects

Support the student bodies in the sporting domain and for internal school-based events (such as Sports Carnivals, Concerts and Assemblies).

Middle and Senior School Student Representative Council (SRC)

A student-based civic organisation designed to help promote school leadership among students

The Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is formed to ensure that the student life on our AISM campus runs smoothly, while fostering personal growth, teamwork, leadership skills as well as motivating students to actively support their school community.

Our SRC has a democratically elected class representative from each class from Years 1-12. This group meets regularly to discuss and deal with issues impacting students. Their responsibility also includes organising events that engage and encourage all our students to participate in school life.

Types of SRC Events Held

Leadership Development

Student leadership opportunities are also supported and fostered through our extensive co curricular activities program where students are supported in displaying leadership skills in a range of sporting, creative and academic co-curricular activities.

Activities that develop leadership include Model United Nations (MUN), the annual The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Singapore Conference and the World Scholar’s Cup.

JASS Awards

At AISM, we offer the International Awards (The Duke Of Edinburgh) for younger students between 9 to 12 years old. Known as the Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS), it is a progressive learning program for young people which has been designed to recognise wider achievement.

The objectives of the JASS program are aligned with the wider learning objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence, The Outdoor Challenge, and the National Curriculum, making it easy to run alongside and incorporate existing curricular activities.

JASS incorporates regular physical activity (Get Active, Stay Active), exploring a personal interest (My Interests), working for the good of the community or the environment (Me and My World) and completing an outdoor activity or challenge (Adventure) and is designed so that participants move through the levels with increasing commitment, learning, and challenge.


International Awards (The Duke Of Edinburgh)

The International Awards is a self development program for 14 to 25 year olds which has an important element of community service. Since 2009, AISM students have been participating in this program, with some achieving the Gold Award in previous years.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program has three levels, each one requiring a greater degree of commitment.

To gain an Award, participants must complete activities in four sections for a specified minimum period of time. There is an additional requirement of a Residential Project at the Gold Award level. Participants decide what individual projects they would like to do for each section in order to encourage individual effort and development of personal interests.

The Bronze Awards

For those students over 14 and the minimum period of participation is three months.

The Silver Awards

For those over 15 and the minimum period of participation is six months.

The Gold Awards

For those over 16 and the minimum period of participation is twelve months.


Initiated to encourage our school community to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this program aims to conserve resources at AISM, reduce negative impacts on our planet, and ensure our students become environmentally aware global citizens.

Junior School

Ideas and projects are coordinated by students and staff in the JS Sustainability Committee, also known as the Sustainable Green Dragons.

Middle Senior School

Ideas and projects are coordinated through the Student Representative Council (SRC), before being put into action by teams of students form.

30 JULY - 3 AUG 2018

Shark Week, to promote shark conservation. Talks, activities and debate: ‘Sharks are More Valuable Alive’. Life-size displays of sharks.

4 - 8 JUNE 2018

Green Week, which focused on ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ to match World Environment Day. Events included ‘The Big Clean Up’ in which the whole School collected rubbish along local streets and the School environs, to prevent litter entering ecosystems and harming wildlife.


Campaign to reduce single-use plastic and plastic waste, particularly in the school canteen and cafe.


achieved 10% reduction in School’s annual energy consumption.

5 - 9 June

held our inaugural Green Week celebrations, coinciding with World Environment Day. ‘Green’ lessons, workshops, parent and student talks, market stalls, displays and competitions.

29 October

Six Middle and Senior School students met and discussed their sustainability projects with Dr Jane Goodall, world-famous scientist and environmental campaigner.

10 June

Guest speaker Mr d’Arcy Lunn introduced students to the United Nations Global Goals and encouraged students to become responsible global citizens by making 'teaspoons of change' - the small actions of many people, multiplied, can amount to big change.

  • Junior School students developed worm farms, compost systems and raised money through herb sales from their garden.
  • Middle Senior School students developed recycling campaigns.
  • Paper recycling baskets introduced into all classrooms.


Our society today recognises the need for entrepreneurship to be taught within school levels, as changing global conditions require students to be able to adapt to various situations and seize opportunities. Our program encourages students to turn their ideas into action, take initiatives, opportunities and calculated risks, while collaborating with others to meet their goals. Learn more about the projects led by our students.

RM 50 Project

All Year 6 students undertake the RM50 Project with the goal of identifying a niche market, creation, promotion and selling of a product or service that results in a profit that can be passed onto a charity of each student’s choosing.

F1 In Schools Project

Middle & Senior School students enter an annual F1 in Schools Project with the goal of designing and building a small timber model racing car powered by CO2, creation of marketing collaterals and presentation to an adult audience. The school has won awards in this competition for the excellent work presented by students. More information available here.

Design & Technology Enterprise Unit

As a part of our STEM and Entrepreneurship program at AISM, the Year 9 to 10 Design and Technology students study a Design Enterprise Unit. This involved studying principles of designing for a target audience and marketing products to their chosen group. In order to undertake the practical component, students formed teams of 4-6 and designed a range of 'wearable accessories' for their chosen audiences preferences and budget.

Along the way, they have also developed budget plans using real-life costings and at the end of the unit, they will have to explain their profit and loss. Once all costs are accounted for, they donated profits to the Matilda Project, a charity project aimed at helping rural children in Sabah.

The products, packaging and any display items were on sale at pop-up market stall at the school. The stall is the culmination of their studies into displaying and promoting goods, from developing flyers and social media accounts to pricing their goods appropriately.


AISM comprises of more than 22 different nationalities in our student body and this provides a diversity in the classroom which prepares students to become global citizens. Embedded within the curriculum, we encourage students to understand other point of views, cultures and beliefs. This is evident in classroom activities and special events organised in the school. The Intercultural Understanding Learning Continuum is used to inform how we recognise culture and develop respect; how we interact and empathise with others; and how we reflect on intercultural experiences and take responsibility.

International Day

At AISM, International Day is held to celebrate both our cultural diversity and common humanity. It is a whole school event, packed with lots of activities that involve students, parents, and teachers, who wear costumes that represent their country while sharing their culture, music, dance and food. It aims to promote acceptance and celebration of our national, cultural and religious diversity.

Language Week

To celebrate our diversity, the school organises an annual Language Week with an array of activities designed for all students. From in classroom activities, displays, lunch hour performances and games, excursions and contests, as well as participation from our students in the annual Language Perfect championships.