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Impacting Globally

In our mission to create global leaders of the future, we believe that service learning helps build your child’s awareness of the world around them.

At AISM, our programs are integrated with our teaching and learning, providing authentic experiences, supporting the community while developing student leadership. Through the projects, our students tackle global issue while encouraging communication, tolerance and understanding.

Get to know our two biggest projects, the Matilda Project and the Chin Immersion Program.

The Matilda Project

The Matilda Project recognises the importance of education for human health and development. In this project, AISM sponsors the primary education of 30 children from remote villages in Sabah, who are housed in a hostel called Asrama Desa Pukak. In partnership with the Good Shepherd Foundation of Malaysia since its launch in 2010, we do a range of fundraising activities and student field trips as part of our school support.

Walkathon & Other Sponsorship Activities

Our walkathon activity is an exciting day filled with purpose, community, and fresh air. We embark on a scenic journey, surrounded by like minded individuals, all coming together to raise funds and awareness for a meaningful cause. It’s a day of heartwarming moments, camaraderie, and the opportunity to make a real impact.

Matilda Expedition

As part of a practical unit, a group of Year 8-10 students and teachers visit for a week every year to help refurbish the hostel, organise storytelling sessions and teach English to the children. This opportunity challenges our students to grow physically, socially as well as emotionally.

Other Fundraising Activities

With the support of their teachers, our students organise activities
throughout the year to raise funds for those who are less fortunate.
Sharing their own good fortune helps them understand their role
within the community and the ways in which small acts can have a
greater effect. It encourages them to think about others, which is an
essential part of their character growth.

The Chin Immersion

Together with the Chin Student Organisation (CSO), this program gives Chin refugee children (of secondary school age) the opportunity to participate in lessons at AISM once a fortnight.

Through learning in a safe and structured learning environment, they are able to practice their English while becoming familiar with Western educational techniques and expectations. This prepares them for their eventual move to a host country, giving them hope for a better future. Our students learn more about Chin people, aiding their awareness and understanding about the world they live in.

The Lost Towel Project

Launched in April 2015, this community-based project supports Chin refugees to earn an income. Founded by a newly set up charity called Parents International Welfare Association of Kuala Lumpur (PINK), these parents give their time for free, and all profits go to the wellbeing of the Chin community.

Our team of parents and Chin refugees selling towels together as part of the The Lost Towel Project to raise funds together.

The Lost Towel Project creates a safe and sustainable way for these families to earn an income by producing high-quality microfiber swimming towels for school houses. The refugee women embroider students’ names on the towel using donated machines.

All work is done by Chin refugees, with funds going through Mang Tha. This is a United Nations-recognised organisation, with a mission to empower women through fair trade.

The money raised goes towards improving the lives of these families, through educational, medical and living conditions support, as well as funding various projects to improve their life opportunities.

Chin Student Organisation Event Support

We support the Chin students through many events such as the Chin Sports Day, Chin Dinner and Dance, and the biggest event of the year for CSO, the year-end concert. These events are held in the AISM auditorium and gym, where they can come together and celebrate with all students.

The Giving Tree

Led by our Service Learning Coordinator, students and parents bring Christmas gifts for the children of the Shepherd Centre Foundation in Kajang. This event instils a feeling of gratitude among AISM students and the community for their own circumstances, helping them to develop compassion for the less fortunate.

End Of Year Stationery Donations

It is our tradition to donate a significant amount of used stationery to charity at every year end. Our Year 10 students donated used resources to the Chin School Organisation (CSO), the Rohingya Schools and also, the Afghani Schools around Kuala Lumpur.

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