Special Days

Our one campus, one community approach brings together children of all ages and cultures
Our one campus means we have a strong sense of community between our students from Foundation to Year 12. We foster this with special events, benefiting our students of all ages.

Older students can take on formal or informal leadership roles, and younger children get to know older children they can look up to. This helps build our welcoming, cohesive community, of which our students enjoy being a part. 

International Day

A day of celebrating the global school community

Australian International School students of 37 nationalities celebrate together on International Day

International Day at the Australian International School Malaysia successfully brings our community – parents, students of all ages

and staff - together to celebrate our both our cultural diversity and common humanity. It is a whole school event, packed with lots of activities that involve students, parents, and teachers, who wear costumes that represent their country while sharing their culture, music, dance and food.

The officiating ceremony, held in the School Auditorium starts with a roaring welcome as students participate in a country parade. The school will bear witness to 37 flags from around the world which are displayed with pride. As for the entertainment, some students perform dance and singing from their own country, which is always a spectacle to see.

During the event, there are several booths set up with a variety of delicious food from the International Buffet. Students and teachers get the opportunity to tease their palates with an array of food selections.

International Day promotes acceptance and celebration of our national, cultural and religious diversity. 

Teambuilding Day- A day of building school spirit and leadership skills

Australian International School students from different year groups take part and various activities    Australian International School students from different year groups take part and various activities

On our Teambuilding Day, teachers and students from Foundation to Year 12, take part in fun activities in mixed age teams.  

The event is held every year to bring together students and teachers from all year groups. Diverse activities are organised from arts and craft activities, sports activities, before the whole school gathers for a school assembly to collaborate and cooperate to achieve a common goal. Activities include face painting, dance along sessions and team building games.

Speech Day  

 A day of celebrating and inspiring student achievement

Australian International School student receiving an award during Speech Day

Our Speech Day recognizes the efforts of students who have excelled across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. By celebrating these achievements, it encourages all our students to extend themselves and excel, and builds respect for effort. It is significant in celebrating another successful year at the school.

Students are rewarded for their achievement in all areas: academic, performing arts and sports. The ceremony celebrates AISM’s holistic approach, featuring entertainment by the school orchestra, band, choir and gamelan performances.