Healthy Body
And Mind

Sport is an integral part of our Australian education. At AISM, we believe that healthy bodies will nurture healthy minds. All students at our school participate in sport at some level. We want to provide opportunities for students to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of physical activity, competition and sportsmanship.

Our sports programs are about commitment, teamwork and enjoyment at all levels of competition. All our coaches have extensive knowledge and passion for their sport. Some Co-Curricular Activities are offered by well-known sports coaches in Malaysia and others are offered by our own in-house specialist sports teachers.

Sports Highlights At AISM

Interschool Sports

Barracudas Swim Squad

Our swim squad, The Barracudas, is aimed at improving students swimming ability for competitions through specialised training.

The squad competes in several competitions including the International School Athletic Conference Championships annually as well as local and International swim meets.

For our younger students who are still developing confidence as a swimmer, our Pre Barracudas Program is a wonderful way to build upon the foundations of swimming and prepare them for future squad training in Barracudas.

All of our instructors have received accreditation from AUSTSWIM, FINA or equivalent.

PADI Diving Certification

AISM offers PADI training and certification for our students who are keen to take up this Open Water Diving Course. The certification is offered as part of the Co-Curricular Activities and ends with a dive trip to Tioman Island, Johore.

AISM Family Triathlon

Students and their families can participate in the AISM Family Triathlon in a fun, safe and non- threatening environment. This family day builds upon community spirit and is a great way for families to come together and connect with others.

Internal Sports Program

Beginner Swimming

We focus on water safety and developing competent swimming skills. Our sessions help students learn, practice and refine their survival and swimming skills. Parents play a large role in the program for the younger students.

Foundation To Year 2 Swimming Carnival

Foundation to Year 2 students enjoy non-competitive water games with their peers.

They are taught water familiarisation, balance and stability and buoyancy, which are critical to the introduction of stroke development.

Year 3 To 5 Swimming Carnival

Years 3 to 5 students take part in competitive swimming activities during the Carnival. Students receive house points for their efforts. Winners are awarded during the Junior School Assembly.

Athletics Carnival

At AISM, our students learn athletic skills integral to child development.

Through our House Athletics Carnivals, students can compete in a variety of track and field activities.

International Sports

We are part of the Australian International Schools Association (AISA) in the region which includes members from AIS Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates.

Member schools actively promote collaboration and interaction between each other through yearly sport competitions, professional development activities, performing arts events and recruitment.

The AISA is an annual event where each Australian school travels overseas to take part in this exciting tournament. Students 16 years of age and younger can participate in basketball, football (soccer), touch football, netball and swimming. These sports are open to girls and boys.