Our student services

The Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of our community which include:

  • Counselling service
  • Careers counselling with our Careers and Pathways Coordinator
  • Learning support
  • Nursing and health services
  • A school library
  • Cafeteria and café
  • Bus services
  • Security
  • Parking
  • Uniform shop.

Student counselling service
We have a full time student counsellor who is available during school hours to address any issues or student affairs that may affect their mental or emotional health and/or learning. Our counselling service is conducted in a safe, confidential and non-threatening environment, and students or parents are welcome to enquire about the services available.

To make an appointment or enquiry:

  • Students can make their own appointments by dropping by the counsellor’s office, which is on the 2nd floor of the Middle and Senior School building
  • Parents or students can email or call the school reception to set an appointment.

Our counselling service adheres to the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics and confidentiality is maintained at all times unless there is a risk of physical harm to the student or others.

Careers and Pathway Advisor
It is normal for students to start questioning “What do I want to do with my future?” as they approach their final year. Our Careers and Pathways Advisor helps students explore with their parents, careers pathways, university applications and planning for their next step after AISM.

Careers and pathways planning begins in Year 9 (the first year of Senior School) and continues through to Year 12. The aim is to provide students with the relevant support and advice about their future studies and to enable our students to have stronger sense of their individual talents.

For more information please see our Careers and pathways planning page.

Learning support

Literacy and numeracy support and general learning support
At AISM, our Enrichment Coordinators work in collaboration with home room teachers to provide students with support in numeracy, literacy and social development. The students are supported in either an individual or a small group setting. These lessons can occur within the classroom environment or through class withdrawal and are customised to the student’s specific learning needs.

The Middle and Senior School learning support program and the Junior School learning support program are adapted also to meet differences in your child’s age.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Literacy Support
AISM is an English medium school, and most students also speak English during lunch and recess by preference. AISM provides support for students whose language background and prior learning has not been in the English medium. Parents will be advised on enrolment of their child’s eligibility and requirements for our English program.

Find out more about our EAL programs in our Junior School and Middle and Senior Schools.

Our nursing and health services team
Our nurses provide first aid for our students. AISM has one full time registered nurse and one part time registered nurse. At all times, there is at least one nurse on duty in campus during the school term from 7.00am to 5.00pm every school day. A school nurse is also at any minor sporting events held on campus on Saturdays or Sundays.

Our school nurses care for and provide assistance to your child if they are sick or injured. They do not diagnose illnesses or perform any medical procedures that are not within their scope of practice. When your child leaves the school grounds they then become the responsibility of parents or a guardian.

Our nurses also help to promote healthy living and eating for our students, parents and teachers. From time to time they organise talks on relevant health issues, such as sitting posture and vaccinations.

Our school library
Our school library is a vibrant and modern space for students to develop a love for reading and conduct research. We have a teacher librarian who manages the library administrative issues and also organises thematic events at the library such as Book Week. Our teacher librarian is also the person who brings in authors, poets, storytellers and many more renowned people for exciting workshops and engagement with students. The library has a mini amphitheatre for visiting authors and illustrators.

Library opening hours
The library is open during term time from 8.15am to 4.30pm. Students have scheduled classes in the library during school hours and are free to use it before and after school (up to 4.30 pm) and during break times.

How to borrow books from the library

  • Both parents and students can borrow from our library
  • Library loans are for 2 weeks
  • There are borrowing limits for students which are:
    • Early Learning Centre to Year 2 - 4 items
    • Year 3 to Year 5 - 5 items
    • Year 7 to Year 10 - 5 items
    • Year 11 & 12 - 10 items
    • Parents - 5 items
    • Textbooks can be borrowed for up to 1 year.

Our Cafeteria and Cabarita Café
The Australian International School Malaysia has both a cafeteria which also provides school lunches, and a café which sells coffee, juices and healthy lunches and snacks. We see providing nutritious food as an important part of helping our students develop healthy eating habits.

Our students or their parents can opt to pre-order their meals in the morning at the cafeteria, or a week or month in advance, buy their food during lunch or recess, or bring a packed lunch from home. Our cafe prices are affordable, and guaranteed worth the price you pay per meal.

You can pre-order lunch or recess at the cafeteria, with payment in cash.

Healthy food choices and variety
We work with a team of nutritionists and chefs and our catering contractor to provide a healthy and appealing menu for students. Our pre-ordered meals all include vegetables and/or fruit, and are well-balanced with protein and carbohydrates for energy.

Our cafeteria
Every day the cafeteria serves Western, Asian and vegetarian options, and there are always hot vegetables, salads, breads, yogurt and a range of healthy drinks available for purchase.

Download our current cafeteria menu here.

Our Cabarita Café
Our Cabarita Café serves healthy, light food including fresh juices, such as apple and celery juice, espresso coffee, cakes, wraps and Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. It is an informal meeting place for parents, staff and senior students.

The Café, which is below the Middle and Senior School complex next to our swimming pool, is for parents, staff and Middle and Senior School children. Junior School children may use the café only with their parents or guardian.

Coffee is served only to parents and Senior School students.

Many of our parents also enjoy meeting and chatting at the outdoor café, as it serves as a great social gathering place for parents in building rapport among the community.

Certified halal
The food served at both the cafeteria and cafe is certified to be halal. This means we cannot serve pork or bacon.

Bus services
Our bus services are comprehensive, with some routes offering door-to-door service and others offering a central pick up and drop off point. All buses are air-conditioned and fitted with seat belts and CCTV for passenger safety.

Find out more about our bus services.

Our campus security
AISM has a safe and secure campus, with the security of our students and staff as our top priority, particularly during school hours. Our campus is doubled gated and guarded – it is within the 24 hour gated and guarded Bluwater Estate, and we also have security gates which are guarded 24 hours.

Entry to our campus
Registered visitors who have been issued with a photo identification, such as parents, maids and drivers must display their photo identification tags prominently whilst at school.

All other visitors must register with the guards and wear the visitor's pass at all times while on campus.

Campus supervision for our students
Your child is supervised by our teachers between 8.30am and 3.10pm (4.30pm for co-curricular activity students).

Parent and student parking
Our parent and student car park is located just outside the Middle & Senior School. Car spaces are marked to ensure our parking works as efficiently as possible. The car park has its own security officer and entrance that ensures the safety of our community.

During peak times, guards are also on duty to look after the safety of our parents and students. Guards may ask people who are double parking or parking in unmarked spaces to move to ensure the safety of our students.

Our car park is scheduled for a major upgrade and work is expected to begin soon.

Student pick up and drop off zone
There is a designated pick up and drop off zone in the school if you do not wish to accompany your child into the school compound. Pre-registration is required with our Transportation Services personnel located next to the Uniform shop. Once you are registered, you will receive two cards – one to give to the guards with your child’s name, and one to display on the dashboard of your car during pick up and drop off.

Our uniform shop
Our uniform is an important part of education at AISM. Our school uniform creates a sense of belonging and respect for the school. We have high expectations on our uniform policy and compulsory items which include the uniform, black polishable shoes and white socks. For Physical Education, the house colour t shirt and shorts are compulsory. Hats must be worn when playing outside (including on the playground equipment).