Talent Quest


On 4 December AISM held a Talent Quest for all of the Junior School. As an Student Representative Council (SRC) member, I got to help with the props and to introduce the acts. At first I was nervous but I knew I had to make myself do it and I'm glad I did. There were many great acts. There was singing, drama and dancing. My personal favourite act was Isabella Orth with her banana.

In the end the Talent Quest was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I think that the Talent Quest was a great experience and that everyone should do it. - Caelan Brown ( 4G SRC Rep )

We are so proud of all of the students and would like to congratulations them for their wonderful work and amazing talent.

1. Rance Wong
2. William and Elise Bagnall
3. Tamay Delavar, Rosie Grosse and Lucy Nolan
4. Jasmin Unsworth
5. Ameena Ayoub
6. Louisa Wolf, Nicole Ong, Jemma Roberts and Carina Sheikh
7. Anna Huggel
8. Abhig Ravichandran
9. Isabella Orth
10. Tara Heaton
11. Jordan Butler, Isabella Chesterman, Caleigh Brown and Nathania Goh
12. Alex Coulter
13. Valencia Santhara
14. Kok Jyn, Philomena Goh, Olivia Annandale James , Emma Gnemmi and Hannah Ju
15. Zo Ee Teh
16. Wei Wen Lim and Christine Tan
17. Alya Azhar, Felia Sigalingging, Kira Tachikawa, Wing Sum Lee,
18. William Clayton and Hayley Yap
19. Sara Allenspach and Rachel Lal
20. Kevin Lal and Cedric Boudeville
21. Miley Sawler, Lucy Stevens and Kendra Clacher
22. Alexandros Komorous
23. The Foundation Group - Oliver Bradley, Jacobo Morales Redondo, Asha Arriana Murugan, Cherry Li, Jamison Kennedy, Rain Au
24. Isha Krishna, Manami Kuno and Yuan Teratani
25. All of the Year 1 Students
26. All of the Year 5 Students
27. All SRC Reps

Well done everyone!


For more photos click here:   Talent Quest