Using ICT to assist with the Inquiry Process


Year 3 students have been using a range of ICTs in their classroom to enhance the quality of teaching and learning outcomes. In their Inquiry Unit, Celebration of a Nation, students used ICTs to learn about community awareness and behaviours to protect significant places. Students viewed video clips and conducted their own research on iPads looking at environmental conservation and preservation.

Year 3 has also taken the initiative to start their own Google Classroom site. They use Google Classroom to communicate with each other about learning. Homework is posted, projects, questions, assignments, quizzes, useful video clips and links are also used to enrich learning in an effective forum where students and teachers can collaborate and access information from computers and mobile devices.

Another popular tool that Year 3 has been using is EDpuzzle. This is a program that allows teachers to use video clips, assign tasks to students and then quiz them on their understanding of what they just viewed.