Visible Thinking



Visible Thinking routines are taught in the Junior School to provide students with the confidence to approach unfamiliar situations and new problems. The routines are grouped into three key areas, and routines from each of these areas are most effective when implemented at an appropriate point in the learning process.

  1. Introducing and Exploring Ideas
  2. Digging Deeper into Ideas
  3. Synthesising and Organising Ideas

See Think Wonder

See Think Wonder is a thinking routine that is often used in the classroom when introducing or exploring new ideas. It encourages students to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations. It also helps stimulate curiosity and sets the stage for inquiry.

In 5W students worked in small groups and observed a time lapse video of a seed growing into a full sized plant. After watching the video students recorded their thoughts and discussion in a thinking journal.

I saw a plant growing and taking time for the leafs to bare. I also saw that a plant is very different in the soil. I thought that the plant needed sunlight, water and time to grow. I also thought that if you treat the plant properly it start growing faster. In my mind I wonder if a plant could ever glow. I also wonder why plant take a long time to grow.
I saw the plant growing process. I saw that the plant took its time to grow. The plant inside looked very different to the plant outside. I thought the plant took a lot of time to grow and form. I also thought from the it was interesting that the inside plant looked different to the outside plant. I wondered why a plant looked different if they are grown inside or outside. I was surprised that plants could be fascinating.
I saw in the soil that the plant took its time to grow its roots. I also saw the plant forming. I thought that the plant needed some care to grow. I also thought that the plant looked special to me. I wondered why plants grow differently outside. I also wondered if plants could ever grow faster.

Dylan Parry
Year 5 Teacher


  • At present we are in the final stages of confirming staffing for 2016. In the near future, I will announce next year’s homeroom teachers. Below is a brief overview of the new staff currently confirmed for 2016.
  • Diane McLean is an Early Childhood educator with over 20 years experience teaching in Primary Schools in Western Australia. She has most recently been working with hearing impaired students. Dianne was educated for several years at the RAAF School at Butterworth, and is a regular visitor to Malaysia.
  • Evelyn Ralph has been teaching in Melbourne schools for 16 years. She is currently the Curriculum Coordinator and Year 3 teacher at Eastbourne Primary School and has a passion for Mathematics.
  • Kris Hickson has taught for 15 years in Primary Schools in Melbourne and the UK. He is currently the Year 6 teacher at Osborne Primary School and has been a Year Level Coordinator. Kris loves cars, sport and enjoys running.
  • Mitchell O’Brien is an Australian teacher with 7 years experience teaching in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and the UK. Mitchell is a keen sportsman, and is currently teaching Year 3 at Northbridge Public School in Sydney.
  • Andrea Zibell is an Australian teacher with 7 years experience teaching in New South Wales and the UK. Andrea has a strong background in the Arts and was most recently a Year 4 / Music teacher at Northbridge Public School in Sydney.
  • Stephanie Freeman is an Australian teacher, who has been teaching for the last 5 years at Mentone Grammar School in Melbourne. She has been trained in Visible Thinking and has a passion for theatre.


In the last newsletter I outlined the factors that are taken into consideration when putting together classes. Most importantly we strive to achieve a balanced group in terms of gender, academic needs, and behavioural and social requirements. I will always attempt to ensure that each child is placed with at least one friend.

Parents who believe there is a significant factor that should be considered in relation to their child’s class placement for 2016, should forward this confidential information in writing by Friday 13 November to the Head of Junior School at An example of such a factor may include a child with specific emotional needs who would benefit greatly from being placed in a class with a particularly supportive friend, or alternatively, two students who would benefit from being separated. Please do not request a specific teacher. All teachers in the Junior School at AISM are experienced professionals fully capable of meeting the needs of students. It is impossible to achieve well balanced and productive classes as well as meeting requests by parents for specific teachers.

Graeme Naftel
Head of Junior School



This is a report about bats.


Bats eat ripe fruit Like apples, bananas and mangos. Bats hate bugs and do not eat meat, except for vampire bats who love meat.

What bats look like

Bats look creepy and have two wings. Bats have fingers and thumbs.

All about bats

Bats hang upside down and can see in the dark.

Bats are mammals and they don’t lay eggs.

Nadya Sigalingging (1G)


Dear Kit Kat Factory,

I love your product but can you stop using palm oil? Because the palm oil plantation is causing the haze. I cannot go to school because the air pollution is very bad.

Maddison Semmens 1G


Dear Mars Factory,

My name is Jasmin And I am Six Years old. I am writing To you because of the haze. The haze makes me sad because I can’t ride my bike and go to school. Please stop using palm oil in Mars Bars.

Thank You.

Jasmin Unsworth 1G

Shreya Sami (1G) Michaella Widjaya (1G)


My Favourite Food

My favorite food is sushi with good hoppings and good rice. I like it because the topping is good and tasty and it reminds me of Japan. I like the rice because it is yummy. Sushi is yummy and you should try it but don’t eat too much.

From Shusuke Agari 1M


My Favourite Food

My Favourite food is salmon fish. It is an orange red white fish. I like salmon Fish beacause it is oily and tasty. You should try salman because it is tasty and healthy. Salmon reminds is eat all over the world.

Tristian De Lange 1M


My Favourite Food

My favourite food is apple pie ause  they are sweet. Also because they are sweet and tasty and delicious. Apple pies remind me of Italy. The bread is crunchy and the apple is sweet. I love it to put to much icecream and you should try it too. It is magnifisevif. It is yummy.

From Ameesha Bhullar 1M


A Goldilocks Rap

Golidlocks gets lost in the wood,
as bad as she could.

She finds the three bears house,
and was quiet as a mouse.

She tries to eat the meat,
but it tastes like wheat.

She sits in three chairs,
and destroys the house of bears.

In the Three Bears beds and
doesn't cuddle a Ted.

The three bears return and find a chair,
broken by a maiden fair.

They came back and couldn't believe what they see,
what they see is one of the bowls empty.

She found a bed small for a baby,
she said "this looks good maybe.''

She got out of and ran to the bay,
on that day where she may.

Olivia Annandale-James and Leanne Ellis (1W)


Goldilocks Rap

Golidlocks gets lost in the woods very badly,
So bad she got up so madly.

She saw a little hut,
and she scratched her butt.

She sees the porridge and tries them out,
She looks very hungry and she gives a loud shout.

She sits on three chairs
and finds out they look like they belong to a bear.

But suddenly she gets tired and finds a place to sleep.
She goes up the stairs and

The three bears suddenly return when Goldilocks is sleeping,
At the same time the three bears were peeping.

When the bears saw their bowls.
The bears change their face colour in to orange!

Baby bear went upstairs and he was AMAZ!
He shouted out and said GO AWAY

Goldilocks jumped out of bed and fell down,
she ran in circles and around and around.

Jyn Kok and Hannah Ju (1W)

Basile Dubois (1W)