Graeme Naftel, Head of Junior School

What a fantastic start to the year! The children have so quickly settled back into their friendships and routines, and the new students seem to be fitting in beautifully. Almost 70 new students started in the Junior School this week, and quite a few more will be starting over the next couple of weeks. It is wonderful to see the new students being encouraged to join in during play times. Every year I rave to new teachers about our students, and every year they tell me how surprised they are to find that I have not been exaggerating. We really do have a wonderful student cohort.

Welcome back to all the returning families and a special welcome to all of the new families who joined the Junior School community this year. I have enjoyed speaking with many of you over the last week and look forward to speaking with more of you in due course.

Over the holiday period, Mrs Rebecca Lim (ELCG) gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl - Naomi. Miss Rebecca is taking maternity leave and is scheduled to return to school on 28 March. Mrs Fearon, who has taught in our ELC in the past, is looking after ELCG this term, before she too, takes maternity leave.
I have the pleasure of welcoming Mrs Di McLean (ELC Head Teacher), Mrs Ang Yen Wey (ELCM), Ms Louise Tupai (FW), Mr Kris Hickson (1G), Miss Andrea Zibell (2W), Miss Jayde Fisher (3G), Mrs Evelyn Ralph (3M), Mr Mitchell O’Brien (3W), Mr Glen Emslie (4G) and Miss Stephanie Freeman (5W) to the Junior School team. These new teachers have undertaken a comprehensive, week long induction program in order to become familiarised with AISM processes, structures and pedagogy. I have been thoroughly impressed with their willingness to embrace our approach and I know their experience and enthusiasm will be a real asset to the Junior School.
I wish everybody a wonderful year ahead and please feel free to come and see me if you need my assistance with anything at all.

Junior School Structure / Communication

The Junior School Leadership Team consists of myself, Mrs Kerry Smith (Deputy Head of Junior School), Mrs Di McLean (ELC Head Teacher), Mrs Leigh Jannet (Stage 1 Leader) and Mrs Annabelle Larkworthy (Stage 2 Leader) and we all have different roles to play. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact your class teacher first. If you require additional assistance related to the ELC, please contact Mrs McLean. If your concerns are in relation to curriculum, please contact the appropriate Stage Leader. If you have any queries about CCAs or Sport, please contact Mr Elliot Roberts. If you have any other queries about welfare issues, or you feel your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, please contact Mrs Smith or me. Our offices are located in the Junior School Reception.

Parents Information Session

The beginning of year Parent Information Session will be held on Thursday 4 February, starting at 3.30pm. Parents are requested to meet in the Auditorium, where I will speak about our academic, pastoral and co-curricular programs. I will introduce the Junior School staff, and parents will then move to classes for a grade specific information session. Please understand that this is not an opportunity for one on one discussions about your child’s individual needs. Rather, routines, plans and structures will be explained to ensure parents and the school can work together for the benefit of the children. If you would like to meet individually with your child’s class teacher, please make an appointment so that the teachers can give you the individual attention you deserve. AISM students will be supervised during this session, however, we cannot supervise students who are not yet enrolled at the School.

KL Maths Challenge

Four students from Year 5 will participate in the KL Maths Challenge being held at Park City International School next week. Students from international schools across KL will attend this annual event and will engage in extremely challenging Mathematical tasks for two days. A report from this event will be published in the next newsletter.