Year 11 student Dilwen Ding Coaches Chess Club


Dilwen Ding is no stranger to the Chess scene in and out of Malaysia. The student from Year 11W has participated in several international, regional and national chess tournaments and has an impressive string of awards to go with it. One of his highest achievements was when he emerged as Champion in the 10th Asian Schools Championships in Taiwan in 2014 which saw  participants from over 11 countries worldwide.  The achievement awarded him a FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) Master Title by the World Chess Federation.

Dilwen has recently taken up an active role in the Chess Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA) in AISM. His first coaching session was on 2 August, where Dilwen coached a total of 14 chess players from both the Junior, Middle and Senior school, with assistance from the CCA Coordinator. How the coaching works is  players are seated in a U-Shape style where Dilwen plays simultaneous games with each player. Once he tests out each player’s competency level, he would separate them into 2 to 3 levels, making it easier for the players of the similar skill levels to practise with other. For the second Chess Club CCA held on 9 August 2016, Dilwen coached and helped players learn basic principles such as knowing the value of each chess piece and how to calculate consequences of each move made. Dilwen taught them the concept of ‘Record Notation’, where each player learns to understand how to analyse the game and improve their Chess knowledge.

Dilwen intends to form an AISM Chess Club Committee so he is able to coordinate responsibilities to members such as preparing chess sets for players, as well as coordinating table and chair arrangements before and after class. Once the Club Committee is set up, he would like to organise internal chess tournaments within the club, and hopefully be able to open the participation to other students in school. The School wishes Dilwen all the best and continuously supports him in his efforts to encourage AISM students to play chess!